Think201 is looking for a full time Graphics Designer

Think201 is looking for a full time Graphics Designer

Think201 is looking for a full time graphics designer with 0-1 years of experience.

As we continue to move at a lightning pace towards an exciting future we are looking for a new addition to our awesome team. We are looking for an amazing graphics designer who can transform ideas into beautiful pixels. Design has always been our inspiration and USP and we have built some amazing products and services over web and mobile. We look for someone who has a flair for creativity and appreciation for aesthetic design.

Enchanting brushes you need to have in your shoulder bag

  • Fluency in current graphic design practices and web production software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe after Effects, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW and Graphics Suite.
  • Skilled in sketching, creating illustrations
  • Knowledge of 3D is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Strong layout design, interaction design skills.
  • A Behance profile would be given more
  • A show-reel/video/Slide of your works or project is a must.

Pros OR Cons

We don’t care about your diploma or graduation certificates. Your work should reflect how good you are in your design.

Don’t expect a speedy interview and result. We at Think201 live by the principle that a lean team does produce amazing results. Needless to say hiring process in Think201 is a serious business. It includes multiple rounds of interviews and phone calls.

You must understand that we are a start up. And when you work for a start up sometimes you will be expected to take roles and responsibility that are not part of your job description. If you are someone who runs away from responsibility please don’t apply.

Since you would be working closely with multiple teams across different time zones sometimes you would end up having your dinner at office or at times your morning coffee (We don’t rule out this option).

We thrive on constructive criticism and open feedback. If you decide to be a part of us, please leave your ego outside the office gate.

You would be responsible for leading the graphics design unit and setting up the process for future eventually building and leading your team. It would be great if you have demonstrated leadership skills in your career and can multitask easily.

If you want to learn more about how life is at Think201 read our blog.

 Applying Process

Don’t send us a resume that was typed and copied from million other resumes. Most of the resumes are rejected after reading the career objective. If you cannot design a resume for yourself, we don’t expect you to design for our clients.

We expect a cover letter along with your resume on why you want to join a start-up.

As mentioned before we expect a show-reel / video/ slide share of your work. If you have a Behance Profile then better. Send it across.

If we like you, we will give you a call and fix a phone interview. Subsequently other rounds will follow.

So if you decide to be a part of our team, mail us at keeping the above pointers in mind.