Why we decided to use Zoho Mail?

Why we decided to use Zoho Mail?

Many of our clients keep asking us which email provider to use? Which one is best among all available ones? For all of you.. here is our answer. We shifted to Zoho 2 years ago and we are happy about it.

We at Think201 look for ways to become more efficient every month.

We use Asana internally for task management. Bitbucket for source control. We introduced clients to the wonders of simple project management via Trello. That got us thinking….. why the heck were we are still using the crappy hosted email solution from a popular domain name service provider?

The things we were looking for in a new hosted custom domain mail service provider were:

  • Low Cost – as a young lean and fast moving organization, we needed great quality without burning a hole in our pocket
  • Modern Protocols and good UI/UX – our previous mail host did not support advanced protocols and had really bad UI. Ability to sync on all devices was paramount.
  • Security – Two factor auth, SSL etc

We shortlisted a few providers:

  • Google Apps for Business
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Zoho Suite

Why Zoho?

  • Feature set – a massive feature set that matches the heavyweights Google and Microsoft. And then some.
  • Cost – Zoho is free for upto 10 users!! Beat that Big G. As we expand our team, we will have to pay up, but the fact that the folks at Zoho care for the little guys is simply great. They stand up for the small and medium business category of users.
  • Sridhar Vembu – We have become huge fans of Sridhar here after coming to know of Zoho university and the way Zoho is run. Impressive stuff.

We were able to configure our Outlook, Thunderbird and mobile clients in minutes, and are happy with the 5GB of space. Thanks Team Zoho. You are awesome.