New in Technology: The Future of Augmented Reality

New in Technology: The Future of Augmented Reality

The future of augmented reality


2016 saw one of the most talked about game in the mobile app segment which soon became a global phenomenon-Pokémon Go! I am sure you have heard of it. However, I want to bring you attention to the inside story. The technology of location based augmented reality that the game was based on.


What does Augmented Reality mean?


Augmented reality is a process in which a physical view of the real world objects is supplemented by creation of virtual objects. It is made possible through computer generated processes. To understand it simply, imagine holding a mobile phone camera with a view of your surroundings. Now imagine a recliner or a lamp in your surroundings, created with the help of augmented reality. The object you see on the camera is not a part of your surroundings but is visible on your mobile device. It displays objects that are not present in your physical surroundings but are visible with the help of computer generated virtual reality. Have a look at the video below to have more clarity on how augmented reality works.


How can Augmented reality help?

Now that you have a clear idea of what augmented reality is. We further delve into what it is capable of and its significance. The concept of augmented reality opens a plethora of possibilities. With the help of relevant data and smart phone with network connection you can have access to anything. Say, you are walking down the street and you want to know of possible places to eat around you. You can simply use your mobile phone camera to point out to your surroundings and get suggestions on possible eating places around you. Incredible, right!?

Similarly, imagine you are at a shopping mart and want to compare prices of a similar product available in your vicinity. Simply focus your mobile camera on the object and gather all information about it through computer generated data. You could also compare it with other places offering the same product, in your vicinity. This technology can help benefit the way our physical world interacts with the virtual world. It can leverage information relevant to the user at a given point in time.


Why is augmented reality the next big thing in Technology?

Augmented reality can be useful to a lot of businesses and especially to businesses online. It can aid eCommerce businesses by equipping them with better tools to engage their end consumers with. It is relevant to people in the gaming industry by helping them make better versions of their games. Also, equip better features in games that ensure better user experience. Augmented reality is relevant to eCommerce businesses, say an online furniture selling platform. The business can benefit from augmented reality to help consumers experiment with the available products on the website. It can also be used to test how the furniture fits in their house setting, in real time. This will induce more engagements with the website and consumers will show a preference for their website. Other than businesses like real estate, tourism, architecture can also benefit from the technology of augmented reality.

Given the advancements in technology, it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to build a strong online presence to reach out to more people. Digital presence helps brands target a wider audience across a geographical location. It also helps these brands to take advantage of the new technology. It can help leverage potential consumers and provide those services at just one touch.


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