A Whole Wall of Movies

For most of us movies are a great source of entertainment, while some of us also derive inspiration to a considerable extent from movies. We @ Think201 took a pause from our busy schedules and decided to glorify our now extended office space with anything that would please us just by the look of it. No sooner did we realize that movie posters would be great on our artistic walls than we began the process.

Each of us contributed to this fascinating idea with our long list of must watch movies. The colorful posters were ready (a big round of applause for the in-house creative team). When the entire team got busy figuring out how these posters could be put up, we brainstormed and freezed on the masonry view.

It’s been a visual treat since then.

Every now and then when we pass by the ‘Movie Wall’ we all feel inspired and motivated.
Bringing you few behind the scenes pictures with the creative team featured too.


It took quite a thought and planning to achieve what you see now. Having a great inclination towards UI and UX, it mattered a lot to us on how beautifully we arrange it.

Do you like what you see? Drop in to our office and take a look at our new creation, You’ll surely love it!!