PeopleOctober 2, 2013by Anurag Rath

Being the change

October 2nd, the day we celebrate jayanti of two heros, is the day we felt true joy. The joy of giving. Words till date which meant an obligation to donate our old clothes and little money.

Today is the day we understood the true satisfaction of giving.

Nestled under rustling trees, The Little Sisters of the Poor run Home for the Aged is place of nurture and tranquility. Think201’s team, friends of Think201 and couple of volunteers for Bakul foundation gathered there for the ‘Joy of giving week’.

We were greeted by lovely octogenarian sister, Mariya, in full strength and commitment to serve the needy. With her smile she acquainted us to an elderly patron of this home. A high flying yet down-to-earth persona. His oratory orientation about the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ made us knowledgeable of the their history and of the way of things around in the home. With the permission Mother Supreme, we began our effort to give.

Speaking to the people under the care of Home was most gratifying.Walking with them through the blooming garden tended by them and listening to the world as seen by them.

Every tale told is life lesson from them to us. Bringing them smiles is the one of the best things. We moved to the kitchens to lend our hand in preparing a tasty and healthy meal. Serving them lunch with love. Seeing them joke around during lunch and being part of the fun was heart-melting.

We left the premises as new humans. Its our promise to return and do more. Much more.