FUN-asanas on the International Yoga Day

Every new day begins with the guarantee of fun and frolic at the Think201 workstation. This year, June 21st gave us threefold reasons for some additional amusement, bringing in the occasions of World Music Day, International Yoga Day and World Selfie Day. The Thinkers decided to get a bit more musical for the occasion. Dynamic...

Think201 Chronicles Podcast – The Journey of Think201 (A Tech Startup) [Ep. 01]
< class="bt_bb_headline_tag">PeopleApril 30, 2018
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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup and want to pivot your strategies, a client of Think201,  a Thinker or a ‘wanna-be-thinker’, then this podcast is for you! How a tech startup – Think201 – without raising a single penny from any external sources sustained for 5 years by leveraging the principles of a...

What Is It Like To Intern At Think201?

  Ever wondered what’s it like to do an internship at Think201? Then, this blog is just for you! For few, internships are merely just an extension of their honeymoon period of doing college projects. Few companies may see it as hiring a handful of people who can be assigned anything that is not mainstream....

Working with Think201

It’s’ been 2 and a half months since I have started working at Think201. Specifically speaking 87 days. More specifically speaking it’s 2,088 hours and even more specifically speaking it’s been 125,280 minutes and counting. But out of these 125,280 minutes, not a single minute has gone by where I haven’t learnt anything. Let me...

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Open culture, no cubicles, no hierarchy & young and energetic minds who are always hungry to do new things. We at Think201 operate with a principle of ‘Get Sh*t Done’. This principle has fetched us great results but also posed a very trivial problem -too many unplanned interruptions among team members. Everyone has their own...