PeopleNovember 9, 2021by think201_admin

Circa few days back

It was a typical day at Think201. Loads of energy; songs playing from the music system, coffee flowing, and keyboard typing sound and among all these chaos I was on my computer happily coding. Anurag comes near my desk for a code review, which he usually does. With few minutes spent on my laptop, he realizes that my system had become quite slow. Focus shifted from doing code review to finding out what actually is the reason behind my system’s performance (going behind why part of everything is what he does 🙂 ). Fact found; my system was running out of space. We jump back to code review sessions and it continued as it’s expected.

Few days later on his birthday surprisingly I received a gift from him (yes the day when he was supposed receive a gift). And guess what it was? It was a 1 TB external disk. Correlating it back to what happened in past week; I realized it was a very thoughtful gift.

While Anurag handed it to me he shared us his thought of “From the CEO’s desk initiative” being a new addition to Think201’s company’s culture.

To give you a brief idea about what it is, every once in a while a team member would be receiving a gift from the CEO. There are no fixed criteria for receiving it. It would be a random thing and would come as a surprise for the recipient. However one thing is for sure, it would definitely be something that we would really need and as a part of the initiative I was the first person to receive the gift. J It feels amazing!!

Care and concern, these are the two words that don’t have much usage in vocabulary these days, let alone finding people who own these qualities. And it really feels good when you are in the company of genuinely caring people. Sometimes I travel back in time and analyze the decisions that I have taken in life and I have always been proud and happy of my decision to be a part of Think201. Someone has rightly said, people make the organization what it is and not the other way around.

Key take away from this was “Never live with the problem, fix it then and there”!!

Heard in the corridors of Think201

 “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.”