Contakt – An app to manage temporary contacts

At Think201, we build innovative solutions not just for our clients but also whenever we see a problem. These solutions take shape into mobile apps, plugins, design solutions brainstorming and many more.
“One such solution is our Contakt Mobile App”

What is Contakt?

Contakt is a mobile app which would help you in separating your personal contacts with miscellaneous contacts.

Why was it built?
Trust us, we actually built it to solve a problem we faced.

It’s about 6 months ago, that we got our coffee tables custom made from a carpenter. He did an amazing job and definitely knew his work very well.

Now at this point of time when we wanted a custom book rack for our library section at office & nobody remembers his name. On what basis shall we scroll through our contact list?

(You will agree to this, it’s hard to remember name of a person whom you won’t interact either personally, or through whatsapp)  

We eventually had to dial in about four numbers to pin him down. All of these names were stored with Carpenter as a last name. Total waste of time right?

That’s where our Aha moment came. We just took a pause and thought there should have been an ease of accessing these numbers at our finger tips and yet not mixed with my personal contacts. The obvious answer : Yay !! An app can solve this !!

3 screens , 5 names to decide on, 6 hours of coding and the result was “CONTAKT”

About App

  • An app which can help separate temporary contacts from permanent contacts
  • Doesn’t require signup / signin
  • Start adding all your miscellaneous contacts with a tag along with name and number to uniquely identify them  (A simple feature yet useful feature)
  • Next time you have to dial you laundry guy, gardener, etc., just tap on contackt icon on your app and scroll through the list.
  • All you need to do is list, locate and dial


  • No signup / signin
  • No ads to annoy you
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Lets you organize non personal contacts
  • Easy to list, locate and dial

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Looking forward for your feedback and reviews !!