PeopleSeptember 29, 2017by Vedh Jagadish

Dussehra Celebrations at Think201 – Ethnic Day

After a super-grind month of reaching milestones, completing successful projects and not to forget (the icing on the cake), pushing boundaries with the complete revamp of our Holy Grail, the Think201 website – a fresh, new and uber-cool design, something like ourselves (if I might say), we turned to the long weekend ahead of us.

To finish the month off with a bang, we had an Ethnic Day on occasion of Dussehra. Invoking the festive spirit with yummy food, fun games and a whole lot of pictures!


So without further ado here’s a sneak peek of what went down and why we dub ourselves as the work hard play hard squad –

think201 ethnic day


That’s not all, check out this after-movie we’ve prepared showcasing the fun that took pace-

To sign off, on behalf of all the Thinkers, a very happy and prosperous Dussehra to you and your family 🙂