PeopleNovember 29, 2013by think201_admin

Early20’s-Know the true sense of Freedom

“Youngsters are the face of our Country” is a phrase quite often used in many gatherings. This sentence has a very deep meaning and a very serious responsibility attached with youth of the nation. Though most of the times, the phrase is told for the sake of quoting; it truly conveys the fact that young people are the ones who can bring out revolutionary change to any nation. This is true, not only for the country, youngsters who are in their early 20s can do lot more for themselves as well.

This age is where they possess tremendous go getter attitude, good health with the passion to do what they love. When these qualities are channelized properly into any specific field they can do wonders.

Early 20’s is an ideal sprint of life to recognize and start grounding on the area which would help one to grow and build their identity. This phase has lots of freedom to choose what we wish for; but unfortunately most of us get tangled with unimportant aspects. Mostly every one of us goes through a very common and widely practised lifestyle in this age (a template life).

We pass out from college with job offers in hand, get into big MNCs and feel satisfied (at least initially). Most of us feel accomplished & settled. We start seeing life as a party and the party attitude begins… of course we do deserve celebration for what we have achieved till this moment. But party should get over and one should get out of party hangover. Life is more than the template we have been fit into.

Early 20’s is the age which provokes a feeling from within that “Yeah man!!! It’s our life and we have one life… Let’s live it #YOLO”. This thought is quite true one; only when it’s implied truly. Many of us would get into habits which wasn’t required, things which could be postponed for its occurrence in our life (Yes, you got it right ;)). These things which make their entry in a grand way into your life in your early 20’s takes away from you a lot more than you could imagine. Out of all its takes away the amazing energy, enthusiasm and most importantly precious time from you. It’s very important for an individual to identify and categorize what is that we need right now and adapt to it. What we sow at this age will reap results at our 30+ age. Now it’s up to us to decide what to be sown.

Wrinkles at 40+ should indicate where smiles have been not where frowns have been. This happens when we free ourselves from things which would restrict us from achieving what we want. One mantra to follow is “Be happy about what you are but not satisfied”.