PeopleNovember 9, 2021by think201

Go Beyond – The Learning Curve

Today, I want to share my story about learning and how this esteemed organization Think201 has a major role in it. But first, let’s rewind the clock and give me a chance to introduce myself.

I am Akshay G.S, a second-year B-Tech student who gets mesmerized by the innovative solutions that advancing technology is providing which constantly pushes me to try something new and solve a problem in the simplest way possible and I believe that through technology it can be achieved. I am currently a Front-end developer intern at Think201.

And now let’s come to the main topic, that is how Think201 is helping me to gain valuable knowledge and experience and making me learn in one of the most effective ways.

I learned the basics of web development through online courses just like anybody else, and it’s almost been 2 weeks at Think201 now and I can already feel that my knowledge has become pretty solid. All thanks to the awesome thinkers of Think201 who are very passionate and follow an effective workflow. A special thanks to everyone at the company for selecting me with multiple rounds of interviews and providing me this opportunity to learn both about the technology as well as work ethics.

Company culture is great and they are always available to cooperate and help, more importantly, they understand things from our end and support our growth and that is where the learning takes its curve by helping us go deeper in subjects and achieve milestones. Currently, I am in a team led by Dorjay who is not only an awesome mentor to have but is very friendly. Each day we are making progress, learning, and having fun along the way. Interns are prepared very well with examples of real-world projects well in advance to handle complex situations and contribute to society.

Business ethics and company culture are maintained in a disciplinary and very friendly way which makes us not hesitate to ask for any clarification or support that is needed. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently working remotely, but I feel almost no difference with the in-office experience due to the energetic interactive sessions that are carried out throughout the day. I only can imagine how better the in-office experience would have been, and I am very excited for the rest of my journey here. More lessons to learn and get better make contributions that positively impact society.