Keyboard Shortcuts for Sublime Text Editor

Sublime which is widely used code editor by most of developers has awesome keyboard shortcuts. Here is a handy collection of important shortcut keys for sublime text editor to make developers life a little easy.

ShortCut Keys Action
Ctrl + P Quick-open files by name
Cntrl+R Goto Symbol
Cntrl+; Goto any word in file
Cntrl+⇧+P Command Prompt
Cntrl+KB Toggle Sidebar
Cntrl+PgUp Cycle up through open tabs
Cntrl+PgDn Cycle up through open tabs
Cntrl+⇆ Find in files
Alt+[NUM] Switch to tab number [NUM] where [NUM] <= number of tabs
Alt+⇧+2 Split view into two columns
Alt+⇧+1 Revert view to single column
Alt+⇧+5 Set view to grid(4 groups)
Ctrl+[NUM] Jump to group where num is 1-4
Ctrl+⇧+[NUM] Move file to specified group where num is 1-4
Ctrl+F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Next bookmark
⇧+F2 Previous bookmark
Ctrl+⇧+F2 Clear bookmarks
Ctrl+KU Transform to Uppercase
Ctrl+KL Transform to Lowercase
Cntrl+⇧+D Duplicate Line
Cntrl+[, ] Indent/Outdent
Cntrl+⇧+K Delete line
Cntrl+J Join Lines
Alt+Cntrl+P Switch Project
Shift+F11 Distraction Free Mode
Cntrl+T Transpose (switch characters surrounding cursor)
Cntrl+[/] Fold/Expand
Cntrl+K,J Unfold All
Cntrl K,T Fold Tag Attributes

These set of commands stand valid as per Sublime Ver 3 for windows. If you haven’t installed Sublime yet, you may find it here.