My first 15 days at Think201


Last week, I completed my first 15 days at Think201. And what a roller coaster ride it has been! It is always difficult to sum up your experience in words. But I will try my best to be honest. So stay with me because it’s going to be a long ride

Things move lightning fast.

Don’t work for us if you expect things to move in a small pace. Here at Think201 things move very fast. Be it structuring codes or designing world class software products, once we set our eyes on a goal and decision has been made, the juggernaut starts rolling.

Clients are not just customers.

Did someone say that clients are just customers? Well, not for us. Our relationship with the clients goes beyond the terms of the contract. They are like family and friends. Even though the project gets over, they continue to drop by our office for a cup of coffee and get us delicious burgers and doughnuts.

We don’t advertise.

Think201 doesn’t advertise. We work only on referrals and on projects that are interesting. Of course, if you are a start up like us, we will have a special spot reserved in our heart for you. We will go out our way to the end of the worlds to make your business idea successful.

Hiring is difficult.

Hiring in Think201 has always been a strict process. For example, in my case the whole interview process took one month and involved multiple rounds. Once hired, you would know it was worth it.

A lean team doesn’t mean lean results.

It’s a lean team. Few people working together towards a common goal. But don’t get fooled by how we handle a long list of clients and churn out insanely amazing designs one after another without ever compromising on quality and excellence. And we continue to do pretty well and produce amazing results.

Weekends & Weekdays merge seamlessly.

Each day of the week is a working day for us and every hour is a creative hour. When you have work to do and when you are building amazing products then it doesn’t matter whether it is a Monday or a Sunday, whether it is 7 PM or 3 AM, you will find people in the office working happily and most importantly enjoying what they are doing. When you are having fun doing what you love , everyday is a weekend for you.

Work hard and we party harder.

Okay, so you got an impression that we are a bunch of geeks and workaholics working 24X7. You couldn’t be more wrong. We work hard but we make sure that we have lots of fun as well. We have surprise parties, team outings, pub visits, movies and plenty of other things to make sure that our head doesn’t get bloated with work.

You would have two families.

Your biological family and the other one are your colleagues at Think201. When you are at Think201 your colleagues will be your family away from home. We love each other, and pamper each other. We make sure that you don’t miss your family. So when you are returning home late in the night expect a colleague to call you and ask you whether you have reached home safely or not.

Things get heated up sometime.

People working here are passionate individuals, each one of us is best at what he or she does and is opinionated. In strategy meet things get heated sometimes. Agreeing to disagree is not bad. It is better if you don’t agree to something. There is no other place where a logical NO is appreciated more than a YES. Open feedbacks are welcomed; mistakes are analyzed and rectified on the spot. If you have a huge ego please leave it outside the office gate.

Every day is a new day.

You can never let your guard down here. Every day we learn new things and next day we try to stay ahead of the learning curve. We are in continuous learning mode 24X7.

Don’t expect to be spoon fed.

It’s all about taking ownership. Even though you will have your own projects to do and products to design but no one will tell you to do this or do that. If there is a problem statement that needs to be solved then you are expected to rise to the occasion and solve it yourself.

Results matter. But what matters more is the process.

We care about the results, but more than that, we care about the process. We know if the process is right, the end results will always take care of it.

We don’t challenge status quo, we obliterate it.

Challenging the status is an outdated concept. We believe in annihilating the status quo.

Your job profile isn’t the only profile that you will be working on.

You will have to wear multiple hats. So, don’t get surprised if you see the development team designing stunning graphics.

We change the world for better. In our own small way, everyday.

You know that you are doing an awesome job, when at the end of the day you have the satisfaction that you have built something significant. Here every day counts and every small step is the beginning of a great journey.

Heard in the corridors of Think201- “Something small everyday”

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  • Biru

    April 5, 2015 at 10:39 am

    Good to know that you are enjoying the ride. 🙂

    • Sanjeet Dash

      April 7, 2015 at 12:47 pm

      Thank you Biru 🙂

  • Sandeep Das

    April 8, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Glad to hear u are enjoying a lot .Finally you found your niche .Give your best ..

    • Sanjeet Dash

      April 9, 2015 at 7:02 pm

      Thank you Sandeep

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