Night drive to Nandi Hills – a road trip to remember !!

A happening week at Think201 followed by work anniversaries of Kewal and Ankush. Wow that’s too much of a reason for us to celebrate. While we thought and thought where to go, long drive to Nandi hills to watch sunrise was an undebated option. Kewal had been waiting for this since long 🙂 

The choice was so amazing that planning was absolutely effortless.

While Manirudh and Anurag took lead in choosing the right Zoom car for thinkers, the rest enjoyed the preparations.

Few of us chose to watch a movie till we start our journey (by 2 AM :-)), Revathy, Pooja and Vivek donned chef hats to prepare yummy pasta and Maharashtrian style Poha for us!! . Our pantry has all that it needs to swing between Italian and Indian cuisine 🙂

We started our drive at 2 AM in the morning, stopped by the airport for hot chai, banana muffins and continued our journey uphill. We were mesmerised by beauty of nature and the calm Sunrise which refilled our mind with fresh energy. It was re assured that Nature has magical powers to rejuvenate you.

Leaving you with experiences shared by each one of us and some photos which describes the journey itself !!



Midnight drive, Chai at Airport, cruising along a lone road, foggy uphill climb along with the amazing people,   on a chill weather. What more to ask. Epic Trip!!


You know what I was longing for this trip and then it finally happened. The experience was one of its kind also brought back the memories of my good old days in the village (it’s been 8 years since I have visited my native place which is near   Nainital). So team, looking forward for the next adventure.


Late Night. Long Drive. Good People Loud Music. Hard Laughs. Open Freeways and Cold Weather. That’s exactly what I experienced.


Awesome place. I haven’t imagined such a great place around Bangalore. Good to get away from city noise and pollution and have chill in foggy and cloudy climate of Nandi hills.


It was my first outing with my team and I was really excited about the trip. The chilled long drive, hot chai at airport and then towards our destination “Nandi hills” to see the beauty of nature. It was  a peaceful sunrise. Nature at its best. Awesome place. Thanks to team for planning such a  getaway!!


Nature’s beauty, determined cyclist conquering the climb to uphill & an awesome place for photography. That’s what Nandi hills offer you.  When you come close to such nature, you stay at your peak energy. The clouds atop felt like airplanes !!! 🙂


Nothing tops the feeling one has standing on top of Nandi Hills. You realise you can not only see the silver lining on the clouds but also touch it.


It was not only a refreshing experience at Nandi Hills for me, but the post trip feeling is something I  treasure. Serene nature can get body and mind to relaxed state.