Our work for Saajha.org  -  A NASSCOM Social Award winner


08 Apr by Think201

A brief on how we rebuilt the grievance redressal app in less than 8 weeks! Saajha.org is an NGO that is working with Delhi, Karnataka & Jharkhand governments & making an impact in more than 1200+ schools. Their primary focus is to develop Parental Partnerships & build an engagement platform via School Management Committees.

NASSCOM Social Award winner

Their Challenge

To develop a mobile app & ERP dashboard called Saajha Connect that helps parents connect via calls. The motto is to guide parents as per their core mission. The mobile app should enable Saajha agents to connect to parents through the app & fill out surveys based on the call. The ERP dashboard should be able to provide analytics, details about the surveys filled out, call insights, form data insights, & so on. All of these have data protection & privacy as a priority.

Our Approach 

The very first thing we did was to understand how the existing app was built & whether it supports scaling & further development. With our initial review, we found that it’s best to drop what is built & start from scratch with the latest technologies. We made a promise of delivering a web & mobile app with the scope of work we agreed upon mutually in 6–10 weeks’ time, & we kept our promise.

The process that we follow

  1. We start by asking “Why” — This helps in understanding the intent & final goal of the project. It helps us prioritize features, filter out features which are either overkill/ which doesn’t support the goals of the product.
  2. Document User Stories — The very next step is to document the flows well in a detailed manner, which we call “Feature Requirement Specifications,” which will lead the design activity.
  3. Design — Clarity drives quality. The design prototyping phase brings clarity to features described as user stories.
  4. Develop in sprints — Grouping features logically & developing them helps in doing quality checks & moving faster towards the finish line.

Product’s Journey & Highlights 

With an iterative process that we use to develop, Saajha Connect as a product underwent a transformation in terms of user interface as well as architecture.

A sneak peek of the product’s look and feel :

Saajha Connect is now a mobile & web app that is built as per industry standards, & not just that but it’s scalable too.

Technology Stack Used 

  1. Mobile app – Hybrid app developed using Ionic
  2. Backend – Node with Express.js framework
  3. Database – PostgreSQL
  4. Frontend – ReactJS

The overall experience of building the product from scratch was very exciting, & it couldn’t have happened without the cooperation we received from Saajha.org.

Stay tuned with us for more such updates. You can also find more such case studies of our work in the social sector here

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