How We Found The Right Backend Developer Interns For Our Team


“Have a Problem? Say it or Solve it!”

That’s what one of our walls on Think201 says. Think201, in association with ikigaiHub, conducted one of its first recruitment drives for backend developer interns in the ikigaiHub space to identify the most efficient problem solvers who would also complement with the office culture.

Out of ample applications that we received, we shortlisted the 10 best candidates based on the interest that they showed towards being a part of our Think201 network. We spent a whole day analyzing our candidates’ thinking process, attitude towards approaching a problem, behavior while in a group and the ability to put forth their point, in various stages of the recruitment-


1. Algo Test

Under the hood, all the commands are algorithms and data structure and we wanted to test the strength of the basic foundation amongst the candidates. They were given a problem statement and were asked to write an algorithm to solve it. Our major focus was to understand their problem-solving approach for the given problem statement which in turn would provide us with reliability on their part.


2. Participation Assessment

Group Discussion was one of the most important stages in recruitment. The ability of a candidate to work in a group, to be able to listen while the team member is talking and to put forth a point is something which we value the most at Think201. We respect any individual who is willing to step out of their comfort zone to reap the maximum benefits.



3. Technical Assessment

We don’t just see the surface, we see the beyond. And thus, after carefully analyzing the soft skills of the candidates, we were able to shortlist 5 candidates to test their hard skills. The confidence, comfort, and attitude of a candidate while solving a problem is what we were looking for.


4. Attitude Assessment

Think201 has always shown a keen interest in choosing the right talent, and by talent, we mean the right attitude. We believe in hiring the right character and then train their skills. Finally, with the clear and careful review, we welcomed two new members to Think201 family.



Not that the other candidates were less deserving, but we focused on picking more apt candidates who had a comprehensive scope for developing self and in the process, also the company. When we see the right talent, we simply know it, and we have always wanted to help the learners community to enhance their skills. And thus, Think201 gave a scholarship for ikigaiHub’s upcoming Website Development 101 Bootcamp co-created with Think201 to one of the most deserving candidates from the shortlisted pool.

The recruitment drive was a great success, and we look forward to having more soon, as we always enjoy meeting fresh talents because recruitment, is not good, bad or tedious experience- it’s just learning for both, the employer and the employee!