Run Bangalore Run

World 10K run comes to Bangalore on 19th May. Chilly Bangalore morning is the best time for a brisk walk or a swift jog. But today we had the best of the climates for a Run. Not just a sporting marathon. This is the marathon for a cause. And we are part of it. This year’s edition is conducted in various categories including World 10k (the main event), Open 10k, Senior’s run, ‘Champions with Disability’ and the crowd’s favorite ‘Majja Run’. That’s where we are headed. 5.7Km of majja. Our friends joined with us, as Team Think201 got stuffed into an auto rickshaw to reach the venue.

Kanteerava Stadium is the starting point and it was brimming with spectators. As the name says, the stadium is roaring. Audience cheering and radiating positive energy. We were on perfect time to watch the 10k finish, and cheered the Open 10k. Now its our time to burn some fat. Entire stadium rose to join us and run with us. Friends, colleagues, strangers and colorfully dressed teams.

With silver screen biggies like Superstar Puneet Rajkumar and Rahul Bose flagging us off, we began. People cheering us, fun and frolic all around us, we poured out of the stadium. Our first marker – focal point of Cricket in bangalore, the timeless ‘Chinna Swamy Stadium’, where we were greeted by modern dance gig by Radio Mirchi. We cannot say no to a dance, can we? We came for the fun and we had fun. Couple of steps brought us applause. Continuing our fun run, we reached the magical MG Road. If you ever come to Bangalore, that’s one place you should visit. Taking a hairpin bend, we returned back to ChinnaSwamy, and onto Queen’s road. Lo, behold! Karnataka’s folk dance form ‘Yakshaganam’ is on. A hat tip to Indian culture and beauty of its wonders. We ambled past the General Post Office to reach wide road which gracefully cuts path between ‘Karnataka State High Court’ & ‘Vidhana Soudha’ (State Assembly). Both of them looking Majestic. Leaving them behind, we found ourselves in the lush green Cubbon park. Running through neatly laid paths which form the veins of this famous green estate. We reached the last leg of race. People on either side of the road, cheering loudly to our finish. A smile and a pose for camera. Yeahhh! we have done it. Our first half-marathon finish. 40 minutes for first timers. Not bad. Winding down with sponsored refreshments. To our luck, Sun peeked out of clouds just after our finish. Race is done and dusted. Yet we are not done with fun. For the finale – the amazing trampoline. Whoa! Jumping up and down. Up and down. Now we are really tired. Time to head back and relax. Until our next feat – Sayonara.