PeopleDecember 29, 2017by Vedh Jagadish

Santa Claus is Real at Think201

A Wiffin’, Sniffin’ Gift,

Especially for You.

It’s from Secret Santa,

I bet you can’t guess Who!

That’s exactly where the fun part of Secret Santa begins, when the people are more excited to know who their Secret Santa is than about what gift they are going to get. It is very pleasant to see the childlike curiosity on the faces of people while they open their gifts. Such was the environment in Think201 on the day of the Secret Santa Party.

I won’t talk much. You see by yourself ‘The Holiday Season After Movie’.  


Santa is always generous!Secret Santa at Think201 Team


Can we open our gifts already???Secret Santa at Think201 Group


A perfect present doesn’t exi-Secret Santa at Think201 Gifts


Just a Piece of Cake…Secret Santa at Think 201 Cup Cake


Jolly Santa, Happy Music!Secret Senta at Think201 Santa Clause

Think201 is Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a blast this New Year!