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So what is a Good Color?

What makes a Design planned, coordinated and professional? Well it’s just
not the fonts and the layouts. “Color” plays a very important role in Design.

So what is a Good color?

Well Good color is something, which is tied to mostly personal taste and intuition towards certain things. But Color according to Design is something, which should be good for a person to look at it and also make a person, attracted towards it.

A French Painter and Printmaker Pierre Bonnard said “Color does not add a
pleasant quality to design- It reinforces it.”

Color is a very important design element, which infuses an emotion in human
beings. Certain colors can create a difference in the way we see things
around us.

We see colors everywhere around us. Color is something, which has been
associated with human eyes. Many restaurants stick to the color Red and
yellow as it tends a person to be hungrier.

No wonder outlets like KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King use this color for their branding. It’s all about how you approach your customers with the use of colors.

As the world is getting smaller and smaller it is very important to understand
that users are getting close to each other with the use of social networks.
People spend less time in going through an article or site depending on the

Color is an essential part of design, which makes a person either
look through it for longer time than to just ignore it. It’s not about how many
colors you use in your design. It’s about what difference you can make
regarding a person’s emotions at that instant.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter use Blue as their main
color. It makes them look professional and an established brand.

Color is helpful in communicating your message because it draws attention,
sets the tone of the message, and guides the eye where it needs to go. It
presents a sense of direction and recognition that people can identify and
relate to.

Here is a visual of what meaning each color tells and the meaning it conveys.


Well now you can relate the famous brands and the reason behind their color choice!!
Tell us what color you would choose for your brand. If you find it tricky, feel free to contact us.