Thinking Back to 2018

“Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping” Think201 has put in continuous efforts, grown stronger, evolved, succeeded, and shined, not without our lessons from several challenges, hurdles, and mistakes which have helped us reach new heights and set new records. Along with our continuous efforts towards transforming ideas to reality...

Think201 — 2017–2018 in Review

Make investments in anything you strongly believe in, make every effort under your control to see it give you returns and persevere. That’s exactly the hypothesis I started Think201 with and FY 17–18 validated it big time. A choice between starting a “product” or a “service” company, raising “external funds” or keeping it “100% bootstrapped”...

Website – A social face to your business

We are in an era where everything we are associated with has an online presence. If we start penning down there would be very few which would remain offline in this world. In a near future, manpower would no more be a mandatory factor for any sort of business. Online services would take over everything...