Think201 is SIXccessful Now!

It was with utmost delight and joy, did we announce our 6th Anniversary of Think201. Six years of togetherness, six years of vacation, six years of highs and lows, six years of making our dreams come true. We decided to have a whole week of celebration from 16th to 20th July in ikigaiHub.   Day...

FUN-asanas on the International Yoga Day

Every new day begins with the guarantee of fun and frolic at the Think201 workstation. This year, June 21st gave us threefold reasons for some additional amusement, bringing in the occasions of World Music Day, International Yoga Day and World Selfie Day. The Thinkers decided to get a bit more musical for the occasion. Dynamic...

Do You Smell What Think201 Is Cooking?

If you are from the 90’s, you’re probably a huge fan of WWE. Yes? Do you remember some of the stars – The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, that a lot of our Complex generation grew up watching and imitating on trampolines? If you don’t, then we’re really sorry for your troubled childhood. Each of these...