Secret Santa Brings Joy To Think201 Again This Year!

Surprises, uncontrollable laughter, unlimited happiness, hide and seek the gifts, peppy music, guess games, excitement and more- yes! That’s how the Holiday Season was celebrated at Think201 this year. Secret Santa was a much-awaited game this year and we are not lying, but it turned out to be the best way to bid our farewell...

Friday- Fun Learning

Think201 has considered Fun as a synonym for Learning, ever since its inception. This Friday, a fun activity was organized and led by the ever-enthused team – Yashaswini, Vedh, and Archana at ikigaiHub.   The prime purpose of the Fun Day was to break the ice between the cross-functional teams. The activities also elucidated the...

Do You Smell What Think201 Is Cooking?

If you are from the 90’s, you’re probably a huge fan of WWE. Yes? Do you remember some of the stars – The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, that a lot of our Complex generation grew up watching and imitating on trampolines? If you don’t, then we’re really sorry for your troubled childhood. Each of these...