The Eternal Spiral: Our Logo Explained


Have you ever thought why Brands spend a lot on their Logos and why are they so possessive about them?

The answer is, they are not just Logos or Symbols. When it comes to logo, for a company, it is an emblem of faith that represents its culture, ambitions, core character and the synergy which drives the company growth and future.

When we started our journey of entrepreneurship, like many others we thought of countless ideas that we could translate into a picture or symbol. That would represent the leap of faith that we took in the uncharted voyage and the destination never mattered to us. For us it was the passion and thrill of the journey that gave us courage to go on the road less traveled. We never wanted to have a logo just for the sake of having a logo. Our founding ideals were based on innovation and creativity. We wanted to grow exponentially and at the same time we didn’t want to change the fundamentals that defines us. As they say “Ask and thy shall receive”, one day we stumbled upon the SPIRAL. The more we read about it the more we got fascinated by the nature of the Spiral. And we knew we have found what we were looking for!It was all around us, hiding in plain sight.

Spiral is the one of the oldest patterns of evolution and growth found in nature. Ever tried travelling across the loops of a spiral? If you watch closely each turn of the spiral takes us to a higher level of growth and also brings us back to the same place. This means we can continue to grow and elevate without having to compromise on values or fundamental character.

Sometimes the spiral gives us similar feeling to that of playing the game of maze. While finding our way out of the maze, when we get stuck we go few steps back and then re-plan and move on subsequently finding our way out of the maze. It amazing to realize that, its path of the spiral that lead us out.

Also, starting from the infinite galaxies to the arrangement pattern of sunflower plant, spirals seem to be the preferred choice of arrangement in nature. Fibonacci Spiral which approximates Golden Spiral is found widely in nature. Starting from a perfect nautilus shell to shape of an energy system like hurricane, the examples are countless. It’s all around us.

Talking about the symbolism of Spiral we cannot miss out the fact that it also represents the cycle of birth-death-rebirth. This allows us not to take our success seriously, or let our egos control us. It also encourages us to stay humble and most importantly it gives us the audacity to hope.