Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

The Next Chapter | Official Announcement

The Next Chapter | Official Announcement

A decade of Think201!

This was a recent key milestone which we surpassed earlier this year (17th of July), which evoked reminiscence of the journey that our Founder & CEO, Anurag Rath, started with the sole motive of empowering businesses through technology.

Fast forward to a decade later, this motive has been manifested time & again across hundreds of businesses from different industries around the globe.

The recent years, in particular, glorified this motive with Yashaswini SP, our Co-Founder & COO, having built the operational framework of the company from years before, guiding the team to excel in delivering impact. This operational framework even stood the test of the pandemic, which (the operational framework) aided in delivering high-impact work across the growing sectors of social tech and climate tech.

As we embark on a new decade as a company, we’re more than ready to innovate and conquer new challenges at a greater level.

Starting with the inception of Think201 Ventures, spearheaded by Anurag Rath, an ecosystem which is built to scale businesses and ship products across different domains through the proven power of technology, design, marketing and business strategy.

As for Think201, the woman of the hour, Yashaswini SP, will take over the reins of Think201 as the new CEO, leading the company into its new decade while echoing the core motto of leveraging technology to empower.

Yashaswini dawns the role of CEO of Think201, having actively scaled the company on-field in recent years with a clear motive and business and leadership skills on par with that of a CEO, and sets a fine example inspiring future women leaders and achievers in the ecosystem.

Yashaswini SP – “It’s an extremely overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude as I look forward to a new start to a brand-new inning. As I take up this role, I’m aware of the fact that I have bigger shoes to fill. With a bigger role comes bigger responsibilities. But with highly trusted individuals like my partners and a strong team I know that come what may, we are equipped with the skill set & the zeal to innovate, grow & deal with any challenges that come along.

We stand at a place where in our own ways we have ideated, designed and developed software products that fulfilled their mission successfully. We’ll continue to march ahead, reach newer milestones, celebrate victories and add new feathers of success to our hats. I would hold up to the morals and principles with which the company was afloat when we started. With the balanced backing from the ecosystem – Think201 Ventures, we at Think201 will strive to be your one and only choice for all your technology needs.

Anurag Rath – It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate & toast Yashaswini for taking on the CEO role for Think201.

It’s been a decade of Think201, and this milestone comes as a catalyst to do more for each one of us and the companies under the Think201 Ventures ecosystem. While I welcome Yash (as we call her) to lead newer adventures for Think201, I will be spearheading Think201 Ventures as the CEO to grow this eco-system.  

Yashaswini has run the operations of Think201 for 8+ years as COO relentlessly focused on the company’s goals and has helped build a strong & efficient work culture. This milestone comes as a natural progression for the company, but yet a highly well-deserved transition for  Yash.

Wishing her all the best from my side as well as on behalf of the partners as we march ahead towards newer goals & achievements.”

With this, we as a company march into a new decade of learning, challenges, and greater milestones as we progress in our journey of empowering businesses globally, staying true to our core vision – “Technology to Empower”.