Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

The Pros & Cons of React Native: All You Need to Know

The Pros & Cons of React Native: All You Need to Know

With the increased popularity of cross-platform development, react native is gaining popularity. Its unique and efficient features are attracting many businesses to invest in mobile application development with react native. However, one must fully understand react native, its advantages and disadvantages before investing in it.

What is a React Native?

React Native is an open-source platform that aids the development of applications. It has several pre-built elements which can provide the pre-foundation of the application one intends to develop. This platform is used for mobile application development, which was first engineered by The Facebook engineering team. 

React Native comes with several advantages and, of course, its own disadvantages. We will now explore both ends of React Native to better understand it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of React Native

Advantages of React Native

  • Instant Community Aid

A little help can go a long way, indeed. It often does happen that we are stuck in a phase during development. The react native community is huge, which can assist you with any development issues and provide quick solutions. This way, you not only take advantage of the platform for development but also use its extended benefits such as these.

  • Code Reusability

Reusing a code can simply cut down your work time greatly. React native comes with the advantage of reusing the code. This code can provide you with the framework needed to develop your mobile application.
This reusability of code saves not only time but another big factor, a game changer: Money! You can easily integrate most of the code into your new project. This way, the development of your application is cost-effective and much quicker. You can now produce applications more quickly, which can add more value to your business or brand.
In addition, you can also use your react code (web application code)  for react native code (mobile application code) and easily develop mobile applications. We can now see the reason behind react native’s quick popularity! 

  • Pre-developed Components

There are several pre-built features that one can easily access. This reduces the time needed to build varied components of your application. This is an open-source library of work that you can easily access and speeds up your development process. A lot of developers love react native for such immediate features. 

  • Transform Web- Application into Mobile Application

It can get tedious to develop separate codes for each application, but with react native, you can enjoy the benefit of code reusability. You do not solely need to use the code of mobile applications alone, but you can use the react code or your web application code to develop a mobile application. This accelerates your process and makes development of any application easy, seamless and quick. 

Disadvantages of React Native

  • Lack of Security

React native is new and still immature in the market, which has made many developers hesitant to adopt it completely. As it is a new and open source, security cannot be guaranteed. This open-source framework and java-script library tend to create a gap when it comes to security.
If you planning to create mobile applications for high and sensitive data, then react-native might not be the best option for you. For example, if you choose to create a financial app or a banking service application, then poor security hinders the effective use of the application. You can certainly layer it with extra security features but react native should not be your primary choice of platform to develop such applications.

  • Inefficient with Complex Interfaces

If your business or brand is looking for an application that is complex in nature, then react native is not the best choice for you. With complex interfaces, one could mean advanced designing, features, or such similar requirements.
You have many other platforms in the market that can ease this process for you. One such platform is Native development platform which can aid you with complex interfaces.

  • Lack of Modules

While react native certainly comes with some pre-built components, not all custom modules are available. This means that you might need to develop some from the root, which would mean more time and effort.
It is not seamless and easy for all features. It is suggested that you explore the react native and see if it blends well with all your required components, post which using this platform is effective.

Like React Native, Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages; the way we use them makes a difference. Explore the platforms with your business requirements in hand and choose a platform that fits well for your business needs.
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