Think201 is SIXccessful Now!


It was with utmost delight and joy, did we announce our 6th Anniversary of Think201. Six years of togetherness, six years of vacation, six years of highs and lows, six years of making our dreams come true. We decided to have a whole week of celebration from 16th to 20th July in ikigaiHub.


Day 1

Dhruv, Kunal, and Abhishek kick-started Day 1 of Think201 Anniversary Week. The evening started with Walk & Stop, a hilarious energizer, which bamboozled our brains out.  The hosts of the evening then took us to other activities like Build a Story, Snakes, a trust-based team building game and Dumb Charades.


Day 2

Somanna, Abhishek Thakur, and Sujay organized Day 2 of  Think201 Anniversary Week. We warmed ourselves up with an energizer  Group Juggle, wherein we were asked to throw two balls to two different people while passing a crate to our neighbor.  The hosts of the evening then took us to other activities like Passing the Baton, Stifel Tower and Pictionary.



Day 3

Vivek, Shyamoli, and Manoj organized Day 3 of Think201 Anniversary Week. The hosts first asked us to blow a balloon and save it from not being burst. After a few minutes of chaos in the room, we realized we were not instructed to burst any balloons.  The hosts then conducted other fun activities like Align the Ball, Match the Mess Box and Head Banging.  


Day 4

Kewal, Sree Vishnu, and Jeevitha organized Day 4 of Think201 Anniversary Week. The evening started with a warm-up activity, Zen Counting, wherein we were asked to count random numbers. The hosts of the evening soon conducted various other activities like Cup Stack, Wordament and Balloon Tower. There was an energizer activity between other activities were we were asked to form different shapes. The day ended with an exercise where everyone came together to create a picture story.



Day 5

Day 5 of Think201 Anniversary Week was a blend of emotions and entertainment. We gathered at the Hub for the celebration. After cutting the cake, our COO Yashaswini, and CPO Akash, Vivek, Kewal and I shared some of the anecdotes from the six years journey in Think201. The other thinkers too expressed their opinions on the Anniversary Week Celebrations.


Throughout the Anniversary Week, Vedh and Archana helped us to collect beautiful moments by clicking lots of pictures.

We later gathered for a Team dinner at Koramangala. It was an evening filled with endless laughter and fun. We played snooker till we got tired, danced till our feet hurt and partied hard till the last level of energy drained.

It was one of those memorable weeks which we will never be able to forget for a very long time.