Think201 is looking for fresh minds!!

Think201 is a startup for startups with a strong focus on bringing harmony between engineering and design. We are working closely with clients from four different countries and looking to expand and grow in the coming months.
We work on stacks like NodeJS-MogoDB,Php-MySQL for webapps and ObjC-Native, Java-Native, C#-Xamarin, Javascript-PhoneGap for mobile apps.

We are looking for fresh minds passionate about startups who can step in and take up wide ranging responsibilities. As a developer joining our team you are expected to learn fast, build abstractions, develop and iterate quickly. Knowledge of some of the languages/ frameworks above or the ability to learn them fast is mandatory.

A cool workplace, a personal notebook, loads of opportunities and fun await you.

If you know anyone suitable for this role, instead of referring him/her to us, refer this test url to them.

In case of any queries contact me for further details.
Hoping to see fresh minds coming in!!