This time we are looking out for DJ

Yes you read it right. We at think201 are passionate about three things. One is our work, second is coffee (didn’t we say that we take our coffee very seriously and bought a cappuccino machine recently) and third is music. So as we continue to grow exponentially, we need an in-house DJ to meet our hunger for music.

Here is a brief job description of what we expect from you.

You should have an exceptional talent for mixing a variety of songs. We are a team of diverse individuals working towards a common goal.

In addition to coding, designing and developing applications with a speed that can put Skynet to shame, Kewal loves to snipe in counter strike and hard rock. Vivek loves his Ubuntu machine and he is a full stack code geek who doesn’t speak much. No one knows what songs he likes because most of the time we see him grinding the codes with a headphone, Anurag who currently wears the hat of our in-house DJ loves to twist song’s lyrics depending on mood and time of the day. So you should have an ability to mix all type of songs.

Songs should be played in accordance to the mood of the team members. We are a bunch of volatile people and our mood swings faster than a pendulum clock. Things sometime get heated in the strategy meet. You should be able to balance the ambience.

You should have contacts in pubs and clubs in Bangalore. And we expect free entry pass. It is a preferable criteria and not a necessary one.

There is a fixed log in time. But you should understand that there is no fixed log out time. Sometimes we close at 7 PM and sometimes it’s 3 AM in the morning. (Don’t worry, we will provide free bedding to you.)

Sometimes we participate in Hackathons. These are uninterrupted coding challenges that go for multiple days. Needless to say we expect you to be with us for the Hackathons events, churning out our favourite music.

You must be ready to give a screen test and play in the office for one day so that we could be certain whether you fit into the role or not.

What do you get?

Well, you can expect lots of free cappuccino. 60 MBPS of free internet connection (Sorry no torrent download of movies.), a state of the art turn-table, digital Dolby 7.1 wireless speakers and a fun place to work. We have an in-house art gallery for design insight where you can find your own inspiration for mixing songs. And incredible teammates who would love you. Salary would be negotiable.

So if you think your profile fit the job description please drop us a mail at If you pass the initial screening test we would call you for the next round.

Heard in the corridors of Think201 – Find a job that you love and let it kill you.


One more thing that we would like to tell you is that 1st April is also known as April Fool’s Day.



  • ashish

    March 31, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    hey sanjeet. You’re here!

    • Sanjeet Dash

      March 31, 2015 at 7:11 pm

      Hi Ashish ..Thank you. Yes, I have joined here recently.

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