WalFin – A Simple App To Track and Analyse Your Expenses


20 Mar by Think201

We’re in this game to make a difference and to really make a difference, you need to align your thoughts to be completely user-centric. And by this, we mean that you keep the user first and build the product for the user.

And that’s exactly what we have done!

Do you face difficulties in keeping track of your daily expenses? Are you left clueless at the end of the month as to where all your money went?

Well, say hello to your new P.E.T. Pocket Expense Tracker, WalFin.

WalFin is a simple mobile app that helps you keep track of your daily expenses and also analyze your periodic spending.

With WalFin, you don’t need to sign up, you don’t require an active internet connection, and most importantly, there are no ads or any such interruptions.

So what exactly do we gain out of this app?

Nothing but the feeling of having made a difference and also a solution to a problem that we face too.

How Does WalFin Work?

For example, say, you’ve spent  ₹500 for dinner at your favourite restaurant.

All you have to do is open the WalFin mobile app and add your expense in the format “<Expense Description> <Space> <Amount> <Space> <#CategoryOfExpense>, i.e., “Dinner with friends 500 #Food.”

How Does WalFin Work?

Adding a hashtag to your expense helps you categorize your expense and help you analyse your periodic spend with the “Report” feature (coming soon).

What makes WalFin unique?

  • Simple to use: WalFin is the simplest app that you will ever come across. Its user interface has been designed with the intent of easing the whole process of managing your expenses and money.
  • No Internet Required: Yes! WalFin doesn’t require any internet to function. So you can use Walfin from anywhere, at any place.
  • No signup required: WalFin does not require a sign-up or confirmation process. All you have to do is download the app and start tracking your expenses.
  • Backup and restore: WalFin allows you to create backups and restore from backups and allows you to look back at your expenditure history.
  • Expense analytics: With WalFin, you can also get a graphical representation of your expenses along with a month-over-month comparison of your spending.
  • No ads: WalFin app is completely ad-free and will always be. So, you can enjoy the uninterrupted experience of Walfin.

Who Is WalFin for?

Everybody, because we all have expenses and now we have the most simple app to help you track and analyze your expenses. Be it your daily personal expense, household expenses, or just about anything under the sun, WalFin is here to help you.

So spend, record and track—it’s that simple!

Download the app for Android now! | iOS coming soon.

Visit walfin.think201.com for more information.

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