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Watch out on Fraudulent Calls!!

Disclaimer: This is a real incident which happened and all the characters mentioned here are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is definitely not a co-incidence.

I hope you read the disclaimer before you started reading this blog post. If not, do read it first. I decided to write this blog post based on my personal experience.

21st Tuesday 2014, morning 11am; quite a busy day for me and I receive a call on my mobile phone. True Caller reads the number as “Delhi High Court” :). It was very much unexpected. Amidst lot of thoughts in my mind I answered this call with great confusion in head and the conversation starts:

Me: Hello

Lady: Hello is this Mr. Anurag Rath?

Me: Yes, speaking May I know who is on line?

Lady: (no introduction.. and she was in hurry to finish) Mr Anurag Rath, you have a complaint filed against you in Delhi High Court. Please call up this number to talk to our advocate immediately.

She gives me a number to dial and know further.

Me: Could you please tell me in detail what is it about?

Lady: Dial the number; advocate will give you case details. She hung up.

This was very strange and unanticipated for me. Random thoughts kept popping up. Without any delay I dialled the number which I got from this lady.

Now, this call was received by another lady named Suman

Me: Hello, Am I talking to Suman?

Suman: Yes, who is this?

Me: I explained her about the previous call I received and she continued..

Suman: Mr Anurag, Reliance Company has filed a case on you for not clearing bill of Rs 1600 of a mobile number 91xxxxxxxxxx and you have a hearing at 10 am tomorrow at Delhi High Court.

“You have two option either come and fight the case or to settle up”.

Yes, these were the exact lines from Suman.

In the meantime, we did figure out this is a spam call by the details she provided. The number she gave me did not exist, and there were several traces of such spam calls over internet.

Now when I got to know that it’s a spam call, I wanted to know what happens when I choose to settle up.

Me: Suman, I would opt for settlement.

Suman: If so, please go to nearby Reliance showroom and credit Rs 1600 and this would settle the case.

Me: Ok Thanks!!

This sounded ridiculous. I had the whole conversation recorded and had proofs that everything she said was fake. After a brief check on the non existing reliance number to which I hold responsible for; I called her back to convey that I have filed a complaint against her and the number they use for such spam calls.

She disconnected the call without uttering a word.

There are lots and lots of fraudulent calls happening around. Not just being careful helps. We need to be very spontaneous for such calls to avoid any sort of disturbance. Though I realized that this is a fake call, it definitely disturbed my mind for a moment.

Please be aware of such calls and spread the message.