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Web Development Agency vs. Freelancer- Who Should You Hire?


The aggressive growth of Digital Marketing and the potential that it provides to startups and businesses has made having a digital presence a major requirement for any establishment.

Presence on the web can be in the form of your main company website, social media profiles, and blogs. All the three web mediums do require a certain structure with terms on design and content to have the best impact. With regards social media, you are given a set design to work on so all your efforts need to be concentrated on content.

When it comes to a website or a blog, the design and interface hold equal prominence as the content. Your website’s design and usability make it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for.

A business website becomes a digital calling card. It provides a stage for any business to share their offering and drive potential customers. It helps businesses accomplish their various marketing goals, aid to build credibility and establish your brand.

With a website holding such great importance, you now face the question of who do you approach for web development? A web development agency or a freelancer?

This article aims to help make that decision for you by laying out the pros and cons of the two, taking into consideration the key elements-

1. Technology

Both freelancers and web development agencies do utilise advanced technology stack to deliver their best to the client.

While most freelancers rely on freemium softwares, web development agencies use the premium/paid versions of the software to provide you with the best product. Agencies are very keen on delivering a quality product and hence your product undergoes a standard testing procedure which is conducted by a qualified Quality Analyst. When it comes to freelancers, testing is not as advanced and accurate due to the lack of technology and workforce.

To conclude, web development agencies have better access to the latest and advanced technology stack than freelancers.

2. Cost

The cost for the web services that you incur of a freelancer is definitely cheaper than that of a web development agency from a broader perspective.

You do incur lesser cost when you hire a freelancer over an agency but that is for a short period or a particular project only. Since freelancers neither utilise a superior technology stack nor are able to provide a product with lesser defects, you may have to hire more freelancers or get back to the same freelancer time and again, every time you have any alterations or defects that you want to tackle on your website. Through this process, your cost increases and also surpasses the cost that you would have incurred by hiring a web development agency in the first place.

Also, since freelancers cannot provide diversity with regards their offering, you would have to work with several freelancers to tackle every aspect of your necessity.

While freelancers are cheaper to an extent it boils down to the quality and skill set that you end up paying for which constitutes the value for your money.

3. Services

As mentioned above, freelancers cannot offer diversity with respect to their offerings as they provide the required service solely.

When you approach a freelancer, he or she would have a particular field of expertise while web development agencies can offer you the complete package since they have an entire team of experts from various fields.

While hiring a freelancer or a bunch of freelancers to work on your website, you need to do an elaborate screening process to pick the right candidates. On the other hand, an agency presents you with skilled and experienced employees who have already gone through various tests and screening processes at the time of hiring.

There is better coordination between the team of designers and developers of an agency when compared to a bunch of freelancers. This ensures that the output is delivered on time and of top quality.

4. Efficiency

When dealing with a web development agency, you witness a more systematic and channelized approach as against an ad-hoc approach of a freelancer.

Since a web development agency deals with numerous clients, it would work along with a sure shot blueprint which saves time and also aids efficiency. Such a procedural approach involves contracts and adds a sense of professionalism to the entire arrangement. This makes working with an agency a more viable option as there is not much structure or procedure that a freelancer adheres to and may involve a trial and error approach for the majority.

Communication becomes easier since you will have an entire team at your disposal. This organised way of working also helps in meeting deadlines and fulfilling commitments which are not the case with regards to freelancers. Such a planned out approach provides room for improvisation and better adaptation.

5. Reliability

This becomes a major factor when entering into a contract. Though both parties aim in finishing a project to the client’s satisfaction, a web development agency has a lot at stake when compared to a freelancer. This ensures that there is no room for errors and also ensures that the agency delivers the perfect product for you.

An agency has long-term goals and a reputation at stake which makes it easier to rely on an agency. Whereas a freelancer has temporary goals and may disappear without completing the project. We have had clients who start working with freelancers, oust their funds and later approach us due to unreliability. Also, the systematic approach followed by companies will facilitate you all the reports pertaining to your project, accessible at all times.

Reliability also ensures confidentiality. When you hand over your project, at times you might also need to share sensitive details about your business with the web developer. When an agency is involved, confidentiality becomes a priority and most people would be confident with sharing such sensitive matter when a legit institution is involved over a freelancer.

In conclusion, a web development agency would be able to offer you the complete package at the best price when pitted against a freelancer. Your choice would also depend on the type of business and your intention with the web product. Taking all such factors into consideration, you will be in a position to take the best decision.

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