Website – A social face to your business

We are in an era where everything we are associated with has an online presence. If we start penning down there would be very few which would remain offline in this world. In a near future, manpower would no more be a mandatory factor for any sort of business. Online services would take over everything a human need.

When we dig through this condition what we see is the tremendous role web services are playing. Business has taken a whole new definition. Earlier days any traditional business would comprise of a set of trusted consumer base and the business itself. The most common identity businesses would have was the name of the business/brand along with people who runs it. Business marketing strategy was not so complex. At least for small scale businesses, main marketing strategy was word of mouth fame. Later, the role of media brought major change in marketing strategy. Ads, hoardings, newsletters played a pivotal role in spreading awareness of the business. Advent of internet gave immense dimensions for business development. People found it easy to reach out even till remote places with their prospects.

Even small scale businesses started emerging out in a fully fledged business template. Marketing target audience in a big scale, having a social presence was no longer a choice of just big established brands. Small to mid size business started to think and act like a million dollar company. The only difference would be the overall target. This was the power that internet gave. Websites for businesses became insanely profitable which offered an option for organizations to run their entire business online without having a need of any corporate space.

The impact of having a social face to a business proves very beneficial in many ways. That is where websites come into picture. Websites are like professional profiles. They are a visual medium which leaves a mark on the user (yes the first impression). Exchange of visiting cards, phone numbers are slowly getting replaced with website names in business meetings. This is because, website expresses lot more than what a visiting card would say.

Having said that the websites are the social face of your business; the content, what it should posses becomes critically important. The content and the design are the two important factors which would help bring users to your website. Intuitive design and less confusing layouts grab customer’s attention and interest.

Not just being confined to act as a social face to your business, it also helps you by giving a pitch for marketing strategies. Having websites with social media integrated would bring lots of user traction along with which it contributes to brand’s online presence thereby increasing popularity. Websites with eCommerce integrations have to be clean and easy to use. Having an inappropriate layout/design for a business centric website poses threats rather than fame.

So in an era where business starts from a visit to website and then turns to personal meetings, it’s very much important to own a website which would stand for your brand in terms of quality and appearance. I agree that having a fancy website do not makes it all easy. Here the major focus is on the first impression. It is the definitely the quality of work, interaction and adding that extra value which would convert your customer as a returning user. Make sure your quality of work that you intend to deliver to clients is portrayed in your website also. This is very important because, customer will believe in what he sees.

If you wish to see points explained here live, have a look at few of our designs. Each of these was crafted with a vision of their purpose. – Our business website which we redesigned in recent past. The design and layout was handpicked to make sure it conveys the business purpose appropriately. – One of our products which is a web platform where people can seek help by posting their queries and can help others by answering other’s queries. The complete UI has been built in lines of flat design model and in a manner that users don’t get confused or distracted with unnecessary information. – A website which we built for one of our esteemed clients. This is a product based business website which was crafted by us to match the purpose of the website. The design and layout has more emphasis on the product and is very much aligned to the product style (sleek and clean).