PeopleApril 13, 2018by Anurag Rath

What Is It Like To Intern At Think201?


Ever wondered what’s it like to do an internship at Think201? Then, this blog is just for you!

For few, internships are merely just an extension of their honeymoon period of doing college projects. Few companies may see it as hiring a handful of people who can be assigned anything that is not mainstream.

But for Think201, it’s beyond all that.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” — Benjamin Franklin

Internships at Think201 is a launchpad for people who would like to join the Thinkers Squad. Interns get an equal chance and access to everyone in the team, regardless of their experience. We have never underestimated the potential of an intern. I can proudly say that we have always ensured that they get enough support and opportunities to realise their true potential during our internships.

Internship at Think201 is a period where,

  • Interns learn how to build/design/test products in real. They get access to learn a lot of intrinsic details that goes behind pushing a real product to market. The knowledge of which is extremely valuable. Meantime, they also learn what Think201 stands for, how we work, our culture & our vision.
  • On the other-hand, Think201 gets to learn a lot about the intern in terms of their hunger to learn, attitude towards work, their approach of solving problems and so on.

Let me just say that it’s a matchmaking process that happens 🙂

We very clearly understand that a 30mins to 1-hour interview might not reveal the true potential of a person. A lot of factors affect how one performs in an interview. We understand that, when we see a candidate during the internship, it reveals a lot more which otherwise goes unrevealed during an interview; thereby helping us to take a rational decision.

The same is true for the candidate as well. There is a lot more to learn about the company before he/she commits to working and this period helps them understand this better.

After all, its close to 60% of one’s awake time that one spends at workplace and it has to be a right match.

When we see a match in attitude and aptitude, the intern then gets the chance to join Thinkers Squad and there is no looking back from there.

About 30% of our workforce are the bright minds who joined us as interns and are now going full throttle with the squad.

Recent Highlights

Walfin — hybrid mobile app was built by a team where even interns were given an opportunity to work. Now the app is live and used by real users!

Not just that, few of them who are now closely involved in making tech and business decisions once joined Think201 as interns. It’s their hunger to learn and the right attitude to solve problems which have brought them closer to the company.

That’s how we hire & respect true talent.

There is a long list that talks about the achievements, but it is better seen than said, through the work we produce.

I am extremely proud of each one of them for having an ability to utilise the opportunity given and grow alongside the company. I also feel content that Think201 is a company that has the guts to take such chances and give opportunities to the young folks to lead on the forefront.

Feels like Think201 is the place you have been looking for to work? Get in touch, let’s talk!