Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years
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Developing A Comprehensive Campsite Booking Platform For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Services provided

  • Product Design
  • Web App Development

What Did We Build?

Implementation of a fund-raiser module that allowed users to browse fundraisers’ pages, view their details, and make donations seamlessly. The application also allowed users to create child fundraisers which are supporting fundraiser pages for the cause they support and perform various actions.

Web Application

Web Application



Technologies used

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What Was The Ask?

Camp Monk’s motto is to get people outdoors. The ask was how to achieve this motto with user-centric design & best technology stack that could help them realise the goals. Another important goal was to ease out the operations for Camp Monk team that involves areas such as booking, cancellations, user feedbacks and many more.

We approached the ask, by understanding the ground operations, the inventory of campsites, various user roles and motives of theirs to use the applications. This understanding has led us to create an ultimate solution which tackles all their challenges.

What Was The Ask?

Key Challenges Solved


Multiple Booking Options

While most of booking platform offer one kind of checkout, we cracked two different flows for Camp Monk - InstaBook and Request to book to manage premium & inventorized campsites.


Image Optimisation Algorithm

Campsite property images takes the highest priority as they tell the story of the place. These images came to us at its highest quality. We wrote a custom image optimisation algorithm to optimise image size without hampering the quality.


Comprehensive Admin Dashoard

A full fledged, admin dashboard which eases out 80% of the ground operations digitally - booking approvals, cancellations, property data updation, promocode generation and so on.


Loyalty Program Implementation

A bespoke loyalty program designed and implemented for Camp Monk’s users that brings in engagement for its end users. This includes wallet integration and loyalty points credits on key actions.

UI/ UX Sneak Peek

Case Study SneakPeak

User Flow Screens

User Flow Screens

Host Flow

Admin Flow

Technical Solutions

A glimpse of features developed

  • Think201 Solutions Check Apple Sign in
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPromocode
  • Think201 Solutions CheckApple Pay
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPaymentGateway Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSocial Sign Ins
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPodcast Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSubscription Plans Management
  • Think201 Solutions CheckCommunity Forum

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