A place to grow, develop & cultivate

OUR VALUEWhat we believe in

We feel that when people do what they believe in, the results can be outstanding, sometimes fruitfully unexpected. Our team comprises passionately-driven individuals who are very unique in million ways yet believe in our philosophies.


We take complete ownership of our efforts & the decisions that we take that lead us to the results.

02Growth Mindset

We are a team who loves challenges, gets intrigued by mistakes & enjoys putting effort in learning every day.


Collaboration is multiplication. A team who believes more in “we” than “me” dividing the tasks & multiplying the success.

04Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & accountability are two guiding lights that we operate on. We are never shy to express our views & understand that each one in the team works with a degree of accountability that establishes trust with one another.

05Open Communication

Communication is important but we believe that proactive communication is everything. Be it innovation, process upliftments, project updates we work in proactive mode rather than reactive mode.

06High & Positive Energy

We love what we do & we do what we love! One of our core philosophies that has enabled us to be happy, energetic & productive in everything we do.

OUR TEAMAmazing talents across various verticals

We are a lean team who are passionate about what we do. You can be one of us in a vertical which inspires you & where you thrive the most

Product Onboarding 

Be a part of a creative team who are up for the challenge of visualizing a product even before its built. This space is for you if you enjoy understanding new ideas, being part of client communications, working on bringing clarity to ideas into full fledged product specifications.  


Design team at Think201 are ardent believers of bringing simplified solutions for complex problem statements via “good design

If you have an eye for good designs & love to solve design challenges, here is a space for you. Your fellow designers & design tools awaits you! 


We work in Open Source technology Stack which aids us in building cutting edge solutions for web & mobile environments. 

If you are coding ninja & love to work in technologies such as Node.js, React.js, React Native, Laravel, Elixir then this vertical is meant for you. 

Quality Assurance

Quality doesn’t come at the end of delivery but acts as a guiding force since the beginning of project execution lifecycle.

At Think201, you can join the Quality Assurance team and get an opportunity to elevate quality at every stage of product development.

What does it take to be a ThinkeR?

A lean, energetic team welcomes a ThinkeR who is
01. Extremely passionate about everything he/she does.
02. Smart worker and not a hard worker .
03. A team player.
04. Ready to learn everyday
05. Accountable in words & actions
06. Open to new perspectives & opinions.
07. Not afraid to share views/ opinions.
08. Up for newer challenges & newer benchmarks.

WHAT WE OFFERBenefits you enjoy at Think201

We don't have Workplace, we have a workspace! Follow your passion more comfortably.

HEAR FROM OTHERSRead what other Thinkers have to say

It's best to see what other Thinkers have to say about their experience working at Think201 from various perspectives

My experience as a frontend developer intern has been absolutely great . The learning curve has been tremendous and I’m extremely glad that I’m a part of this team. The team is very helpful and encouraging. Learning something new everyday has been very exciting!

Anagha B. R
July 2021

So fortunate enough to have started my career here. The team is so supportive and will help you in every turn. It’s a great learning experience.! It is an amazing place to work, learn and have fun.

Srinivasa Puneeth V K
October 2020

Great place to start your career and from Think201 you will get the great opportunity to learn all the technical skills in the field of web designing and development.

Revan Sidd B
November 2019

I am working here as a Software Engineer Intern and my experience has been nothing but awesome. The whole team is highly supportive and appreciates your skill as a developer. I got to learn a lot of new technologies and I am improving daily. The work hours and work days are balanced enough.

Ankur Gupta
November 2020


We are People’s company who emphasizes a lot on having a good work life balance. We have put a lot of effort in weaving the company culture which empowers each Thinker with great responsibilities & greater freedom. We work smart & party harder!

Fun comes in various layers at work
Open Workspace

We have open workspaces, the same way as our company culture. The structure is kept in mind to promote collaboration & accessibility of your peers.

Fun Fridays

Creative & unique Fun-Fridays that lets you unwind & get grooving. Unlimited fun with great music, games & your favourite beverages.

Thinker Tinkers

Great opportunity to learn & develop what you wish on “Learning Saturdays”. Innovation & experiments are what you get to experience here.

Team Dine Outs & Surprises

People’s team at Think201 finds creative ways to bring in surprise elements for team’s birthdays & team dine outs.

Rewards & Awards

Performance oriented quarterly bonus & annual hikes that rewards you for the extra mile you walk.

Big Bash Celebrations

We take our celebrations very seriously! Company Anniversaries, New Year’s Party are the big bash celebrations that you do not want to miss.

All ABOUT CAREERFrequently Asked Questions

How to apply to be part of team Think201?

If you are interested to be part of our team, please drop in your resume along with a cover letter to careers@think201.com

We would like to follow our unique process for hiring & hence refrain from responding to calls/ direct walk-ins.

What are the qualities you look at in a potential Thinker?

We hire for attitude & train your skills. Honesty, confidence & maturity are three key characteristics that we look for in a prospective hire. Soft skills are of equal importance for us as much as hard skills.

Do I have to be fully vaccinated to work at Think201?

Yes, we believe in creating a safe workspace environment for everyone & hence expect anyone joining the team to be fully vaccinated. 

What protocols are followed to ensure COVID-19 safety during in-person interviews?

We follow all COVID-19 safety measures at the office. We ensure that anyone who meets us is fully vaccinated. The interview set up also adheres to social distance norms. 

I have reached out to you over email with my resume & cover letter. What next?

Ideally, you will hear from our People’s team within a week’s time. Since each of the applications is reviewed manually, there might be delays at times. Please be kind & patient till you hear back from us.

Do I get feedback on how I performed during my interview?

 We have a unique process of hiring which takes you through a multi-step process evaluating specific qualities in each step. Once you reach the final round passing through all evaluation rounds, feedback will be summarized & shared to you at the end of the interview session irrespective of the end result. 

Technology we work with


Our forte is in building custom web applications using the right technology stacks that align with your business objectives and help you achieve maximum growth.




React Native













Do you see yourself at Think201?

Interesting work, lean energetic team & great company culture awaits you!
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