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Saajha.org is an NGO that is working with Delhi, Karnataka & Jharkhand Governments & bringing an impact in more than 1200+ schools. Their primary focus is to develop Parental Partnerships & build an engagement platform via School Management Committees.
Services provided
UI/UX Design | Web App Development | Mobile App Development

What did we build?

A mobile app & ERP Dashboard called Saajha Connect helps to connect to parents via calls. The motto is to guide parents as per their core mission. The mobile app was built for Saajha agents to connect to parents through the app & fill out surveys based on the call. The ERP dashboard provided detailed analytics, details about the surveys filled, call insights, form data insights & so on. All of these with data protection & privacy as a priority.

Web Application
Hybrid Mobile App

Technologies Used


What was the ask?

To review their existing mobile app that couldn’t function as per the expectations. With a detailed code review and technology stack review, a decision was taken to rebuild it from scratch. We started aligning to the bigger picture, designing the UI screens with a very closed-loop interaction with their representatives, and developed the web app & mobile app in a span of 2 months.


Key Challenges Solved

01Getting the “Why” & “What” right

We start by asking “Why”. This helps in understanding the intent & final goal of the project. We asked this question the team of Saajha who handles the on-ground operations. This led us to gain clarity on what’s needed. These interview answers helped us to articulate the feature requirement documentation well.

02Data-centric Dashboards

The super admin dashboard was designed and developed to showcase the data graphically and statistically highlighting the important metrics for the product.

03Cloud-telephony Integration

Integrating Exotel - a cloud telephony service that allowed agents to dial from a virtual number. The call recordings were automatically stored and made available for the super admin to review in the dashboard.

04Task Module

Built a module that helped operations for the team. The task module was built custom for Saajha that helped them assign tasks to agents, view status, and assign them to different states. This overall task status visibility in the admin dashboard and agent dashboard gave absolute transparency on progress.
We are able to see the tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Really glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201.
Nitin DwivediFounder, Belongg
Think201 is a gift to Arthan and Climate Asia, the team is dedicated, committed and designed beautiful products aligned with our mission, vision and values. We are lucky to have them as a long term partner and would highly recommend them."
Satyam VyasFounder & CEO, Arthan Careers/ Climate Asia

UI/ UX Sneak Peek



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Mobile Flow

Saajha mobile app - Hybrid mobile application that was designed & developed was tailor-made for the agent’s needs to achieve the goal of building a strong parental community & constant interactions. The design prototyping phase involved agent interviews and their feedback to ensure the end goal is met without any assumptions.

Admin Flow

Saajha web app - Web application with a deep insightful dashboard that visualizes the frequency, time, and number of interactions with parents across the state. Individual project’s data sliced & diced into statistics & visual graphs to obtain a meaningful overview.

Fundraiser Dashboard Flow ( 5 Screens )

screenshot_fundraisers_giveindia_org_2021_05_08_17_10_31-1ac09d5d94048c7aaa089c942903010d-c4d508 5
screenshot_fundraisers_giveindia_org_2021_05_08_17_10_31-1ac09d5d94048c7aaa089c942903010d-c4d508 1
screenshot_fundraisers_giveindia_org_2021_05_08_17_10_31-1ac09d5d94048c7aaa089c942903010d-c4d508 3

User Side - Booking Flow

1.Landing page
2.Explore page
3.Filters page
4.Single property page
5.Single accomodation page
6.Preview page
7.Preview page-1
8.Preview page for promocode
9.Sign up
10.Finish signing up
11.OTP verification

Technical Solutions

A glimpse of features developed

  • Form Builder for Surveys
  • Cloud Telephony Integration
  • Call scheduler module
  • Rich Analytical Dashboard
  • Push Notifications
  • Role based authentication
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We can see a tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201.
Nitin DwivediFounder, Belongg

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