Designing & Developing Global Crowd Testing Platform

Oprimes today stands as a go-to Global Crowd Testing Platform having professional testers enrolled in it across various countries. We designed, developed, and now continuously work to improve it as it goes on to conquer newer milestones.


What did we build

A web application that has complex user flows which involve various user roles namely testers ( freelance testers), company admins, and clients ( products who wish to get their product tested).

The web application has all the functionalities that are required to engage its user as well as tackles the operational challenges via technology for primes.

Tech stack

Technologies used

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End-to-end team management

This application automates tester selection, bug evaluation, point allocation, and payment processing. It also offers clients bespoke analysis and reporting with engaging data visualizations.

End to end management

Salient features powering Oprimes platform

Our mission was to create a product that redefines product testing and delivers exceptional coverage for our customers. As the product matured, it expanded its scope beyond expectations. We innovated features to actively involve testers, fostering integrity, and enabling them to earn directly through the platform.


Real-time Dashboards

Our real-time dashboard offers dynamic insights for CXOs, providing a live market pulse alongside bug reports featuring detailed logs, video evidence, and root cause analysis. Additionally, it integrates user surveys, interviews, and recommendations from UX experts, leveraging processed real-user data at a massive scale. With AI maturity assessment, our dashboard empowers informed decision-making, enabling organizations to stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Behaviour GPT

Testers Leaderboard

The Testers Leaderboard provides transparent recognition for top-performing testers, fostering healthy competition and incentivizing excellence in product evaluation. By showcasing their achievements, it encourages collaboration and elevates the quality of testing outcomes.

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Analysis & Reporting

The analysis and reporting module with rich visualizations that plots data as well as infer data to bring meaningful insights for clients.

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Sentiment Analysis report

This Sentiment Analysis report provides a comprehensive evaluation of public opinion, utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques to interpret and quantify emotional tone in textual data. The insights derived from this analysis will inform strategic decision-making and enhance understanding of stakeholder sentiments.

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Scoring & Payout Implementation

Based on the tester’s performance, the application would reward the tester’s points and calculates the monthly payouts that get dispatched. Having a base scoring system that gets over-written at the project level based on the company’s requirements gives the flexibility to reward testers as per the company’s choice.

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Invite Testers

Gathering feedback from testers helps identify and fix issues early, ensuring a smoother and more reliable final product.

Mayank Mittal

“First engaged with Think201 in early 2016 while exploring for a development partner to build our platform. Had a wonderful experience during the initial 6 months engagement and we ended up working together for 5+ years. Best thing about Think201 team has been their willingness to go that extra mile to make the client happy and expectations met at any cost.”

Mayank Mittal

Manager Director - Oprimes

Dhirendra Pratap Singh

“Think201 team is a true partner who takes the time to understand the practicality and grassroots nuance of implementing technology and is ready to build the capacity of the team on the ground. ”

Dhirendra Pratap Singh

Founder, Milaan Foundation

Timothy Vadde

“Think201 has developed an amazing web app for my Startup. The team is very dedicated and they come out with the best of their ideas to implement. ”

Timothy Vadde

Founder, CourseBook

Nirat Bhatnagar

“I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to Think201 more than two years ago. Since then, they’ve been our technology partner on 3-4 high-impact technology products and they have been everything I could have asked for. ”

Nirat Bhatnagar

Founder, Belongg | Advisor, Dalberg Consulting Firm

Satyam Vyas

“Think201 is a gift to Arthan and Climate Asia, the team is dedicated, committed and designed beautiful products aligned with our mission, vision and values. We are lucky to have them as a long term partner and would highly recommend them.”

Satyam Vyas

CEO at Arthan

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