Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process you follow to provide your technology development services?

Our process is agile and consists of mostly 3 stages in the project: Requirements Gathering, Designing and Development.These stages help in prevention of any possible bad surprise at the end of the development.

What’s the timeframe for you to deliver a project?

The timeframe for a project delivery is subject to the scope and complexity of the project. It can range from somewhere as low as 15 days for a wordpress website to 6 months for a platform development.

I don’t reside in Bangalore/India. Is there a way we can effectively communicate?

We have been able to communicate with clients from USA and Europe by leveraging the power of third party collaborative tools to make sure continuous and effective communication from both the sides.

I am not sure about the tech infrastructure required for website/application to prevent any crashes. Can you help me?

Sure. We do infrastructure consulting and provide upgradable hosting services required based on the product and expected traffic.