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Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years
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Fundraising Platform

Building A Fundraising Platform For The Masses.

Read more to know how we helped GiveIndia - India’s largest and most trusted online donation platform in implementing the fundraiser platform during Covid time to achieve what they had envisioned.

Services provided

Web App Development, UI/UX Consulting

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What Did We Build?

Implementation of a fund-raiser module that allowed users to browse fundraisers’ pages, view their details, and make donations seamlessly. The application also allowed users to create child fundraisers which are supporting fundraiser pages for the cause they support and perform various actions.

Web Application

Web Application



Technologies used

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What Was The Ask?

The journey began with UI/UX consulting for the redesigns done for the Fundraiser platform. The ask was to update & upgrade the fundraiser flow as per new designs to make it seamless for the user to make donations. This was the need of the hour during a pandemic. We went on to build and deploy Fundraiser & child-fundraiser module which gave a facelift to what already existed.

We worked together with team GiveIndia as their technology team delivering services across design, development, and QA.

What we delivered made a huge difference & we saw many celebrities using the fund-raiser module to create awareness and bring donations. We are super proud & happy that we were able to infuse technology to amplify GiveIndia’s mission.

What Was The Ask?

Key Challenges Solved


Revamped UI/UX for Fundraiser

Implementing the revised look and feel of the fundraiser which handled many microflows; all on one page.


Optimizing Payment Flow

Redesigned the payment flow to solve the drop off issues. Optimised the overall flow with a mobile first approach.


Server Side Rendering Implementation

Implementation of service-side rendering to improve perceived load time for all web pages.

UI/ UX Sneak Peek

Case Study SneakPeak

User Flow Screens

User flow screens

Fundraiser Donation Flow

Fundraiser Creation Flow

Technical Solutions

A glimpse of features developed

  • Think201 Solutions Check Apple Sign in
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPromocode
  • Think201 Solutions CheckApple Pay
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPaymentGateway Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSocial Sign Ins
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPodcast Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSubscription Plans Management
  • Think201 Solutions CheckCommunity Forum

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"We are able to see tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Really glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201."

Mayank Mittal

Managing Director - Oprimes