Mobile Apps

Our ideas often take shape into beautiful mobile apps. Try them out for free !!


This is an app which would help you isolate personal contacts from your miscellaneous contacts.Use this app to store all your non personal contacts such as one of Gardener's, Electrician's, Plumber's completely separated from your phone contact.Very simple to use and serves the purpose !!

Wordpress Plugins

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress.


Clients provide you an easiest way to add and retrieve clients. You are free to choose the appropriate form of display for your clients with the help of various UI styling that are available here.

Data Dash

Data dash allows you to create dynamic counters for your website.These counters would increment at specified intervals.The counter would represent a particular statistics on your website.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch allows you to generate a full-fledged responsive contact form along with a map that would hold the necessary contact information.This plugin also allows you to keep a track of the mails received.

Easy Replace

Easy Replace provides you easiest way to find and replace a phrase in no time. This can be applied to various categories of post types.

Mins to Read

Mins to Read helps in determining the read time for a blog post taking into account the number of words present in it.It also automatically updates the read time based on the updates the blog post/article receives.

Form Reader

Form Reader works like a handshake between the frontend and the backend by performing form data validation, storing data into the database and sending mails to the concerned recipients.