Are there a long list of important clients you want to feature in your website? We have a simpler solution to it, wondering how! Download our ‘Clients’ plugin which lets you add a whole list of client details and then retrieve them on your site.

Clients provide you an easiest way to add and retrieve clients. You are free to choose the appropriate form of display for your clients with the help of various UI styling that are available here.


  • Easy Integration
  • Short code found useful
  • Featured Clients
  • Categorise Clients
  • Styling Client details
  • Easy Retrieval


  1. WordPress 3.5.2 or greater
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or greater (5.3 recommended)
  3. MySQL 4.1.2 or greater (5.x recommended)

 Setting Up

  1. Navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and then click on “Add new” and type in the plugin name in the search box and hit enter and then click on “install now” across the plugin and then activate the plugin in the plugin list.
  2. Alternately, you could download the zipped file of the plugin from the specific plugin page of “”, now navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and click on the “upload plugin”, now choose the “.zip” file that had been downloaded earlier and click on “install now”, now activate this plugin in the plugin list.

Test it Out

Once the plugin is installed and activated, Clients can be found on the sidebar menu section, navigate your way to the dashboard, Here there would be an overview and the user manual for the plugin, go through it for a better understanding. We then have to navigate our way to ‘Add New’ where in we enter the client details that would be provided to us, we then generate the shortcode by clicking on ‘shortcodes’ in the sidebar menu and doing the necessary configurations.

Shortcode Generation Procedure

  • First select the set of clients who are to be displayed (ie. whether only featured clients or all clients)
  • Then select the category of the client, if exists.
  • You should then specify the style that is used to display the client details (ie. grid view, slider, etc).
  • You could control the number of clients to be displayed (-1 to be the default value which means “all”).
  • You could then specify the number of columns present in the grid.
  • You should then add the name of the custom class that would be used to style the client details.

We then call the function ‘getClients()’ and retrieve all the details in a variable and then retrieve each of the client detail respective to their fields and retrieve them in our site.

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