Data dash allows you to create dynamic counters for your website.These counters would increment at specified intervals.The counter would represent a particular statistics on your website.


Data Dash is a plugin that enables us to create dynamic counters for our website. This counter being incremental by nature increments at every specified interval by a specified value.
The counter value defines the approximate statistics related to a particular parameter of the website.


  • The updation for the counters created happens from the server side.
  • The counter increments at every specified interval
  • The value by which the counter increments has to be set during the plugin integration.
  • The helpers for the integration are ‘shortcode’ and ‘function’.


  1. WordPress 3.5.2 or greater
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or greater (5.3 recommended)
  3. MySQL 4.1.2 or greater (5.x recommended)

Setting Up

  1. Navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and then click on “Add new” and type in the plugin name in the search box and hit enter and then click on “install now” across the plugin and then activate the plugin in the plugin list.
  2. Alternately, you could download the zipped file of the plugin from the specific plugin page of “”, now navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and click on the “upload plugin”, now choose the “.zip” file that had been downloaded earlier and click on “install now”, now activate this plugin in the plugin list.

Test it Out

Once the plugin is installed and activated, navigate your way to the Dashboard and this installed plugin can be found in the sidebar menu section. Now go to the Dashboard of the plugin, here there would be a ‘Quick Overview’ which would have a brief documentation on the features of the plugin.

Now it’s time we create counters and make them up and running. Click on the ‘All Counters’ and then click the ‘Add New’ to create a new counter.There would be a small form with a few details to be entered into it.

  • Enter a user friendly name to be given to the counter across the field “Name”.
  • Enter the initial value the counter has to start with across the field “Value”.
  • The incremental value range has two fields, one for the start value and the other for the end value, always a random number is taken for incrementing the counter from this range. eg: if start value=0 and end value=5, then for incrementing the value a number in this range is randomly chosen and incremented, this could be either 0,1,2,3,4 or 5. So, if the initial counter value was 100, it would be changed to 100,101,102,103,104 or 105.
  • Then enter the value that specifies the time interval between each count across the field “Time Period”.
  • Now hit the “Create Counter” button and your counter would be created.
  • Now, the corresponding function and the shortcode would also be generated for the integration purpose.
  • The function and the shortcode will have to be placed in the appropriate file and then necessary styling would be done for the UI purpose.
  • Then we would have our dynamic counter in the website up and running, we can test it by checking whether it is subjected to updation after the specified time has elapsed.

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