Time is precious, so let’s value it by figuring out how long we would take to read a blog post. Here’s an awesome solution for it, our plugin “Mins to read” would aid you in accomplishing this task. So, go ahead and set your time while you read all the blogs in your website.

Mins to Read helps in determining the read time for a blog post taking into account the number of words present in it.It also automatically updates the read time based on the updates the blog post/article receives.


  • Word Count
  • Single Click integration
  • Read time updations
  • Words per minute
  • Custom styling for widget
  • One step integration


  1. WordPress 3.5.2 or greater
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or greater (5.3 recommended)
  3. MySQL 4.1.2 or greater (5.x recommended)

Setting Up

  1. Navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and then click on “Add new” and type in the plugin name in the search box and hit enter and then click on “install now” across the plugin and then activate the plugin in the plugin list.
  2. Alternately, you could download the zipped file of the plugin from the specific plugin page of “”, now navigate your way to the “plugins” on the dashboard and click on the “upload plugin”, now choose the “.zip” file that had been downloaded earlier and click on “install now”, now activate this plugin in the plugin list.

Test it Out

Once the plugin is installed and activated, increase the content of the blog post and then on refreshing the blog page the mins to read widget would appear displaying the minutes to read for the blog

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