Think201 supports Non-Profits

We do our bit to the bigger cause by working at a discounted price for non-profits

We rise by lifting others

There are many NGOs who are working by this notion to make the world a better place. What we believe is joining hands with them we can strengthen the outcome & be a catalyst to that noble cause.

Technology is the greatest boon for human kind. Using it wisely can empower the humankind to eliminate bad things & elevate good things. Think201 & its ventures would like to do our tiny bit by supporting those NGOs who are into a mission by giving our services at a discounted price to the products they build.

Our Ventures supporting Non-Profits

Think201 and all it’s ventures support this initiative and will respectively provide you with a discounted price for any of the services from us.

How can an NGO opt for this?

You may reach out to us by filling in your details in the link below. Our team will go through the application & schedule a meeting to understand the problem you are solving & share what all services you can opt for at a discounted price to make dreams realize.