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Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years
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Designing & Developing Global Crowd Testing Platform

Oprimes today stands as a go-to Global Crowd Testing Platform having professional testers enrolled in it across various countries. We designed, developed, and now continuously work to improve it as it goes on to conquer newer milestones.

Services provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web App Development
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What Did We Build?

A web application that has complex user flows which involve various user roles namely testers ( freelance testers), company admins, and clients ( products who wish to get their product tested). The web application has all the functionalities that are required to engage its user as well as tackles the operational challenges via technology for primes.

Web Application

Web Application


Hybrid Model Application (Android)

Technologies used

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What Was The Ask?

The mission was to build a product that can revolutionize testing products and bring in great coverage for its customers. The product has evolved maturely to cater to more than just that. We went ahead and built features that can engage testers to participate, gain integrity and earn through the platform itself.

This application is built to fully automate the process of selection of testers based on project criteria, evaluate the bugs raised by them, allocate points based on the validity of bugs and also process payments. For clients, the application provides bespoke analysis and reporting which visualizes the data in an interesting manner.

What Was The Ask?

Key Challenges Solved


Onboarding Flows - Company Role & Tester Role

Design thinking was applied to the onboarding flows of each role to transform the lengthy process into a crisp and intuitive flow. Clients get to configure their project, rewards, the scope of testing, and wiki information whereas the tester adds their data, location, skillset, and devices they can test. This information helps to make the match-making while assigning projects to testers.


Custom Survey Form Builder

An all-in-one survey builder which gives its users complete flexibility to create a collection of questions of various types such as text only, multiple choice answers, long text answers, skip logic-based questions, rich media answers, and so on.


Analysis & Reporting

The analysis and reporting module with rich visualizations that plots data as well as infer data to bring meaningful insights for clients.


Jira Integration in Mobile App

Implementation of Jira to a mobile app that helped testers of organizations to connect to it and start raising issues. This helped to adapt and expand their clientele who used different solutions to collect bug data.


Scoring & Payout Implementation

Based on the tester’s performance, the application would reward the tester’s points and calculates the monthly payouts that get dispatched. Having a base scoring system that gets over-written at the project level based on the company’s requirements gives the flexibility to reward testers as per the company’s choice.


Assignment Algorithm

The application is built to automate matchmaking of testers to projects assessing the requirements of the project and custom choices (if any) with the tester information (based on their profile and leaderboard stats). This feature is a USP of the product that sets them apart thereby achieving its mission.

UI/ UX Sneak Peek

Case Study SneakPeak

User Flow Screens

Tester Flow


Technical Solutions

A glimpse of features developed

  • Think201 Solutions Check Apple Sign in
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPromocode
  • Think201 Solutions CheckApple Pay
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPaymentGateway Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSocial Sign Ins
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPodcast Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSubscription Plans Management
  • Think201 Solutions CheckCommunity Forum

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"We are able to see tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Really glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201."

Mayank Mittal

Managing Director - Oprimes