Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years
What’s unique about working hours at Think201?

What’s unique about working hours at Think201?

Anyone who knows about Think201 & its philosophies knows that we thrive to be a lean team & efficient Thinkers.

We are both proud & humble about the fact that “Small teams can do big wonders”. What contributes to our success as a lean team in achieving the quality of work that we do is the group discipline we have as a team.

“Group discipline produces a unified effort towards a common goal”

Our structured working hours is a reflection of the group discipline we follow which ensures a perfect work-life balance for Thinkers.

A glimpse into how our day is structured

Working hours

Working Hours at Think201 – Mon-Fri


Let’s look at “Why” we chose to remain structured v/s flexible in terms of working hours

1. Promotes “Perfect work-life balance”

A disciplined & structured working schedule allows establishing a healthy routine promoting a good balance. We have curated the working hours & break schedules with a perspective of having a good lifestyle. We see our team members as “humans” rather than as a“resource”

Our Motto

Start on time. Work Efficiently. Eat on time. Take a break. Wrap on time

Healthy Habits

2. Enables efficient team collaborations

Working as a team needs a higher degree of collaboration & collaboration needs greater sync in work timings among the team members. Well, defined & common working hours allow team members to work effectively together and avoids waiting period/ re-work.

3. Establishes clear boundaries of “working hours”

We love working in defined working hours since it helps to establish clear boundaries both ways.

At Think201, we make it a point not to disturb Thinkers off working hours/ during break time.

  • No one will reach out to talk about work updates beyond 7.30 PM during weekdays
  • No meetings/ sync-ups will be scheduled during lunch hour/snack-hour. We respect the break times & let Thinkers utilize it fully at their will.
  • We don’t reach out to the team on a weekend to speak about work, except on learning Saturday
  • We ensure to follow an advance intimation (at least two days in advance) to team members in case any deliverables requires additional attention on any weekends & this is something which happens once in a blue moon. Seldom one would notice team leads pinging their team at 7 PM / or on Fridays that we need to stretch.

Second Saturdays are learning Saturdays which we dedicate to improve skillset by learning new things

It’s a clear boundary set. This is made possible only because we all work together & work efficiently during the defined working hours without any interruptions/ being unavailable randomly.

4. Keep the overrated “Flexible Hours” at the bay

Flexible or Staggered hours (different login time, break time for different team members) are overrated. The disadvantages of this style of working are many

  • it blurs the line between work hours & personal hours which may result in working too much/ working in-efficient
  • works for freelancer style of working but not for one who would want to be a team player.
  • may lead to burn-outs due to imbalanced working hours & break hours
  • may take away the practice of seeking help when needed (due to different working hours of peers)

The reason why we don’t support flexible hours 🙂

Flixible hours

5. Productivity & efficiency at the core of everything we do

Thinkers are groomed & encouraged to be productive & efficient. We achieve this through our processes and in-house products and tools.

Trackivity is our own product developed to enable all of us to plan & estimate our tasks even before attempting to doing them.

It helps team members to be aware of what they can achieve & also eliminates bad planning. It let Thinkers to self manage their time & assess how they are performing. Most importantly it saves them from being prey to Parkinson’s law.

Parkinsons Law

These are the reasons why we chose the underrated structured, well-defined working hours. It has been working wonders for Thinkers so far & we believe it will in the future too.

Read more about the “Whys” of our work culture here

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