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Aggregating Campsites and Outdoor Experiences

Campmonk aggregates serene and pristine campsites from camp-owners across different states in India. Campers can choose for a weekend getaway campsite from various available camps. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Campmonk an AirBnB of camps.

Primary Problem Statement

The founders of Campmonk have a good knack for a seamless user experience with a good taste in User Interface designs but they were still striving to come up with an easier user flow for camp-owners to list their lands here. They wanted to collect just the relevant required information for a hasslefree listing of a land.

After understanding the criticality of land listing, since there wouldn’t be any interested campers without campsites, we realized the design was required to escape the trap of Chicken and Egg problem.

Campmonk Fire

Onboarding Experience

With the above information, we broke down the “list a land” form into primarily 5 categories with the 6th category being “Submit”. We also introduced a quick popup, unlike the regular popups to retain the UX, that explained the flow of listing a land before the process of listing actually starts.

Campmonk Land entry screen
Campmonk Land Details Screen

Campowner onboarding with setting up of his campsite in the platform.

Campmonk earning Screen

Now, if camp-owners were to be on Campmonk to do business, they would definitely be interested to know their earnings through the platform with a retrospective metric in the form of “Revenue lost” for their opportunity costs.

Campmonk  Home Screen

Having a simplified experience for campers with camp listings

With camp-owners UX challenge out of the way, we also had to have a good UI/UX for campers to browse through the listings seamlessly while the UX allowed them to play with various filterable elements such as locations, amenities, accommodation types, activities and so on.

A sneak peak inside the Campmonk interface

Campmonk Page Screen
Campmonk Page Screen
Campmonk Page Screen
Campmonk Page Screen

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