Coursebook - SAAS for Educational institutions

Web application for aggregating online & offline courses & cater to needs of educational institutions nationwide

I am honoured to have Think201 build Coursebook. You guys are really brilliant and hard working and nothing is impossible for you guys.This has been the best decision made for my company!
Timothy Vadde

Design Challenge

Crafting user interfaces which are distinct, usable with rich UX for diverse user personas was a daunting task which was solved brilliantly by interactive design approach.

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Tech Challenge

To build a web application with a demand to scale & cater for aggregator needs as well as SAAS needs for institutions. Knitting features such as live webinars, online broadcast, real time chat along with course content dashboards using robust AWS infrastructure was a challenge solved well. 

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Responsive Interfaces for all

Rich UX with clean UI that fits well for all devices across major browsers 

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Challenging features Built

Interactive Admin Dashboards

Customized admin dashboards specific to each institute's needs with graphical view of key data for student registrations, payments and course engagement

Multisite Architecture

Customised multi-site domain for each institutes enabling the SAAS model

Interactive Learners Dashboards

Live feed, community based learning, sharing resources are the interactive elements built for the platform

Webinars & Live Streaming

Live video streaming and chat application integrations done to provide virtual classroom ability in the platform

Online course content builder

Full fledged online course builder to cater to the users across the globe. Self paced learning modules for learners across the world is custom built.

Easy to use interfaces

UX comes before UI. With target users split into two categories of wide demographics, UX designed was very unique matching to the needs of users

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