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EnableMakeathon 2.0

EnableMakeathon, an ICRC initiative, was already a successful event in 2016 and the EM team was gearing up for Chapter 2 of the event in 2017, only this time bigger and better. They had come to us with the requirement of a complete design revamp for their existing website.

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The Case for Web Accessibility

Enablemakeathon Web Accessibility

Since the EM competition’s presence was supposed to be among the remotest parts of the country and specially abled class of users, it was essential that the web be accessible to every one of the target users. Indeed, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes access to information and communications technologies, including the Web, as a basic human right.

We made sure the colours used were minimal, solid and in compliance with ICRC guidelines in order to provide equal accessibility for everyone.

Initial wireframe with prototype

We worked on grey scale wireframe initially to get hold of the optimal page layout to provide quick navigational abilities to other pages of the website.

On approval of the layout, we added colours to the wireframe to give life to the visual aesthetics.

Enablemakeathon Wireframe
Enablemakeathon Prototype

Enablemakeathon Key Dates

Enable Makeathon 2.0 key dates and roadmap

The key component of EnableMakeathon website was the effective communication of the event timeline and roadmap to ensure no confusion among the users.

The above problem statement allowed us to design an intuitive timeline of key dates in a vertical chronological order of events with mobile responsiveness uncompromised.

Also, we worked on the roadmap of the events a bit differently to avoid design redundancy without the loss of information communication effectiveness.

Enablemakeathon Roadmap

Here is the final outcome

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