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Vision to make app testing convenient

The founder has been in the app testing business for quite a time to understand the opportunities it possesses in a global market. He foresaw the product and its potential very clearly from the Day 1 he came to us with this idea.


Easy accessibility of projects for testers

The real need to achieve the founder’s vision was to provide the simplest, quickest and easiest way for credible testers to come on board. The platform required a diverse set of testers from all across geographic locations to add value to oprimes’ clients.


Easy Project Navigation

The list of projects categorised by ongoing, upcoming and archives allow easier navigation to projects for testers working on multiple projects.

Trial Projects

Trial Projects allow testers to earn scores for them to become eligible for real projects.

Gamified Testing

The platform allows testers to earn scores by logging valid bugs which in turn converts to payouts based on a score versus payout algorithmic relationship.

Quick Profile Summary

Profile overview to quickly assess critical profile elements, scores and payouts so far. This helps in updating relevant profile information time to time in bagging maximum number of projects.

Testing made convenient


Bugs Management Tool

It is the core engine of the application where a tester should be able to easily report bugs for the project he/she is working on. On every valid bug reported, the tester earns performance scores which in turn converts to currency payouts through our score versus payout algorithmic relationship.

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Project management becomes easier

With projects come the project management and the interface allows the project managers to manage these projects seamlessly and intuitively. Collecting relevant insights on the progress of the projects allow managers to take better decisions.


The following modules that help project managers’ lives easier in oprimes

  • Project assignment
  • Activity Log
  • Project Cloning
  • Survey
  • Bug reporting
  • Announcement
  • Payouts
  • Bug Management

One of a kind

survey builder.

It provides immense flexibility to Project Managers for them to select from various available question types and customize each of those.



One of a kind
collecting Interface.

It provides page by page easily navigable survey response interface for the testers to submit their responses for approval.

Question wise
report analysis

Response analysis for both objective and subjective question types to provide for intuitive survey insights to the Project Managers. Word clouds and sentiment analysis for subjective Question types also aids in achieving the convenience vision.

Think201 team made sure they understood my business, its target audience and used the knowledge to not only theme the complete product in synchronization with the end user’s psychology but also leverage the power of technology to make end-users’ lives easier. I am sure oprimes development would have been really difficult without the technology expertise of Think201.

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